Daily Contest Leo Edition: I Wish That App Had A Coin

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Hey everyone,

With SMTs coming out any site or app could make a coin. This could be on social media sites or a fun game you play on the way to work. For this contest I want you to tell me what app or site you wish had a coin. Is there a news site you frequent that you would like to earn a coin for? Or maybe you play fortnite all the time and would like to be rewarded for your wins.

You can also go into details if you like, like how do you earn the coin and how many are given out each day.

And bonus points if you pick something different than the norm. Social media sites and gaming are primed for crypto but what apps can use them that we haven't thought about yet?

It has to be a real app or site that is already out and it cannot have a coin already.

Upvotes for all entries :)



Before i joined #steem I used to write stories on a site called wattpad. It's basically a site for people to create stories and books by chapter and have people who read and comment on them. It's a hugely successful site and one purpose build for an SMT. The site has thousands of authors who publish content every day and millions of users who just like to read it.

They create full novels, fan-fics and short stories. I used to get a lot of interaction on my work as i was writing a full book at the time. It's a great place to get feedback as well as input, ideas, editing tips and helps people to shape their work as they build it. A lot of the top authors have gone on to publish their books afterwards from the feedback and help they have gotten. I can see a lot of use cases for a token integrated with the site for promotion and rewards. All of these people write for the love of writing and it would make a great site to integrate to the blockchain as well as onboarding millions of users in one go.

Yeah that would be a great site for it.

I really wanted IMDb (movie website) to have a coin... That place is one of my favorites and making money using it would be great! ;)

Well the community you make can be the next best thing.