Daily Contest Leo Edition: Tell Me About A Leo Power Up And Get An Upvote! (I Just Powered Up 500 Leo Myself)

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So I've been sitting on over 1k liquid Leo hoping I could ride the market and get a quick 10-20% return. But in order to do that the market has to go up and down, up and down. By looking at the Leo market is seems to only be going up. I'm not confident trying to ride this way and will wait to see how high it can go. We might see .4 Leo soon.

Instead of waiting I powered up 500 Leo. And I will give an upvote to anyone who tells me about a good amount of Leo they powered up. Did you buy it or work your butt of to earn it? Tell me your story and how much you powered up. And it doesn't have to be a large amount.

Go team Leo!



I have powered up 1200 LEO on my other SCOT token Account. Strictly from posting and hard work. To be honest I would never play the SE market simply because of the volume. If there isn't enough volume for me and quick trades; I'm not going to be able to play anything. This account has 1000.. so in total I have 2200 LEO powered up.

Yeah I hear you with volume

chicken dinner!!?!

LOL I think the same thing whenever I see the double winner.


I've been working pretty hard to get everything I got here, but all (but not always) I do with my cryptos is stake and delegate. So far, it has been an efficient strategy for me and I intend to keep it that way (at least for now).

I see you working hard everyday entering my contests.