Daily Contest Leo Edition: What Community Are You Going To Make Or Join?

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Happy weekend people of steem,

Thank you for all the kind responses to my last post. I will be spending less time in crypto (unless a project comes up) for the next couple of months but want to run these contests daily or so. If I miss a day I will just get to it the day after so please understand if the winners are picked a little late. Like a said the contests run for 24 hours... ish. As down as I am feeling about crypto I still want to get as much Leo as I can as I think it can get up in price in the near future.

But lets get to the contest. For today lets talk about communities.

Have you guys seen the steemit post about it:

Communities are coming soon. They will give direction to the site and help people to organise their content. I will be running one for sure for contests but I'm not sure if I want to do a SMT too. I want to make one but there are already so many coins and we need to get the value of steem and Leo up first. However if the community wants me to make one I will.

How about you, will you be making a community page? What will it be about?
Or are there any you will be joining?

Everyone who responds gets an upvote and the first ones get 100% upvotes. There are like 10 to give-away.



I will be forming a play by post gaming community to bring together all the games we are playing.

I just joined @steemitmamas and I'm really excited to get more involved in communities!

Well... I probably won't create a community (because I don't understand that much about it), but I definitely wanted to see a more engaged community to better value Cinema-related content in general (and not just reviews). In my point of view, this kind of content is not yet as recognized as it should be.

Have you checked out AAA? They have a coin for movie reviews and I think they upvote them as well with steem.

Yes, I already know it and I think this community is amazing! But I wanted a community to embrace Cinema more broadly. ;)