Daily Contest Leo Edition: What Do You Think Would Be A Good Base For The Steem Price

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Who else is tired of the 10 cent steem market? I am not expecting for us all to be millionaires overnight but we do need to get to the dollar point if this site is to be taken seriously. For today's contest I want you to tell me what you think it a good steady base for the price of steem for people to use steemit or steem dapps regularly. Does it need to be worth a dollar or ten?

For me I think steem needs to bottom at $1-$2 and be steady at that for this site to start to take off. And until then it might be too difficult to get traction.

What do you guys think?

Where do we need the bottom to be?



I like a $0.10 Steem base. Not because I like seeing the value of Steem in the garbage, but because it allows a chance for "early" investors to accumulate Steem for cheap and help distribute Steem more so it becomes "more decentralized".

Plus, during the last bull market, a lot of "cheap" cryptos skyrocketed because people don't understand or don't care to look at the supply. If Steem can get some of that wave of investors for "cheap" crypto, it's probably not good for the long term, but it would be good to get Steem some extra publicity as it surges higher.

My base price would be high enough to keep Steemit and other projects open and developing, but as cheap as possible so those that are investing and putting in the work now are rewarded in the long term.

I think it's bottomed past $1-$2. Steem has run out of steem. But I'm definately tired of it in the .10 cent range. SMT.. hrmmm makes STeem utility.. therefore will stay cheap.

$1 would sure make life a lot easier in terms of attracting and retaining users. I guess my answer would be... the higher the better!

Agreed it is hard to sell the idea of a .10 steem to new users who are posting. Btw keep up the good work with your posts!

If those good old 1$ days would be back, that would be enough for the starters :)

After that I think a nice stready price of 100$ per steem would be nice :D

$100 is a good start lol

I actually think a price of $.25 - $.50 is about right.
We are trying to get people to it Steem off the markets and Join the community
This is easier to accomplish at a lower price.

Well, I would be very pleased (at least for now) with something around $0.50 cents.