Feeling Trapped

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My mother has dementia, she is 93, and she feels trapped. She wants ‘out’ but she has no means of escape. She blames me. a1drjohnthumb.JPG

I also am trapped by the circumstances created by her past decisions. My best is not good enough.

Memories of past traps:

One of the worst situational traps I experienced was in a hospital waiting room. These rooms are usually filled with the family members of those having surgery. I have been in several surgical waiting rooms. They are ‘bad’ places to be. Yet for a time there is no practical escape.

The common feeling is being totally ‘out of control’. Your personal capacity has no influence any more.

Different people have different needs to be in control. Many are addicted to control. Loosing control is not something they will ever accept.

Others have no desire to control. Circumstances may force them, but they too may resist.

The point is... some days none of us are able to live as we choose. On those day... we do our best.

Here is today’s beauty.



Sometimes we only think we are in control
Other times we control what we think is great, but is not.

I concur with you. Sometimes we loose control, and watch things happen on their own. Such is Life, it sometimes become a high security prison we can't escape. However, we ought to cherish every moment we have with our loved ones.

Hmmmmm....you have just nailed it, sometimes we cant just control it

When you said

"The point is... some days none of us are able to live as we choose. On those day... we do our best."

You touched my soul already, because truly somedays we cannot live as we truly chose to, but we must do our best to control our emotions.

Sorry about mum's dementia, but i wish her well. Amen.

I pray for your mother, the Lord will uphold and and send her healing....

I hope we all try to do our best in all situations. In todays beauty the eyes are what I concentrate on. Very Good.

ooooch may God grant Her perfect healing,

May God heal your mother doc

May God heal her