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The CooperFelix – Multiservices Project

The CooperFelix - Multiservices is pleased to announce to all Steemians the beginning of a journey that can make us rediscover the love towards Earth and towards ourselves, in collaboration with the Fundition platform very careful and sensitive to certain issues.


The CooperFelix - Multiservices Project originates from an entrepreneurial idea that aims to sensitize people through a well-structured advertising campaign of a product or a service, developing in this way a mechanism of circular economy definitely advantageous and eco-sustainable for the community. The CooperFelix - Multiservices Cooperative Society prefers an ethical based on the concept of eco-sustainability and recycling of waste material, and with the same imperative proposes to provide multiple and various services in the field of the maintenance of green areas and in the civil and industrial cleaning. The peculiarities that distinguish the Cooperfelix - Multiservices in the business sector are different and all focused on environmental protection. The objectives of the project and therefore of the business company are not only economic, therefore, focused on a marketing strategy that generates profit, but the main objective is to promote the concept of eco-sustainability within the social fabric establishing virtuous economic-social mechanisms that facilitate the creation of a circular economy in the community. It is thanks to these imperatives that the collaboration with Fundition Platform will strengthen the company by enhancing the social and ecological aspect in achieving the common objectives of building a Better World and of the project. The Company is, therefore, the bearer of the message Green within a small community of about 28,000 inhabitants that lives in the Campania Region in southern Italy named Mondragone, providing quality public and private bodies to competitive prices and a 100% ecological product and widely used in the horticultural-agronomic sector with many nourishing qualities for the plant population which is called Compost The Practical Handbook of Compost Engineering Source.


There are several composting techniques, some of these include the mixture of organic material to the vegetable mass together with the animal waste component such as manure, while others involve the fermentation of the mass thanks to the action of bacterial flora caused by physiological dejections of insects such as earthworm. In general, the composting is a bio-oxidation process of a biomass composed of a mixture of vegetable and organic waste. The process occurs by means of aerobic fermentation by the work of aerobic microorganisms, thus releasing biogas as methane and carbon dioxide which in highly technological industrial plants often come stored and re-used to provide clean energy in the form of district heating. The natural degradation times range from about 3 months to 4/5 months, at the end of the process we obtain a dark brown color that smells like mold and is similar to the soil. The product once completely mineralized and completed the bio-stabilization process is finished, the product takes the name humus and contains many nutritional components for the plant flora, it is widely used in the field horticulturalists and agronomic as amending. The composting techniques and measures are different: composting in a closed environment (industrial), composting in an open environment (natural). The CooperFelix - Multiservices Company intends to provide a 100% biologic product, obtained from a natural bio-degradation process without the addition of chemical additives that accelerate fermentation, in perfect harmony with the objectives and ethical goals that the project foresees. The composting process adopted by us will take place in particular containers called composter and in open environment in contact with nature that will favor fermentation and which will facilitate the action of bacterial microorganisms, thanks to the activity physiological of insects.


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The operative area in which the project will take shape and carry out the sensitization work circumscribes a good part of the Province of Caserta, in Italy, more precisely in the Campania Region. Furthermore, in this constituency, we would be the only company that would produce 100% natural compost and with the aim of raising public awareness.

The headquarters will be built in the municipality of Mondragone of about 28,000 inhabitants, but the project aims to expand on a territory that surrounds the municipality in question up to 30 km away. In this limited area the following categories of customers are listed: households, companies, local authorities. Approximately 230,000 inhabitants are registered in the geographical area of which:

  • 90,000 households
  • 20,000 businesses
  • 370 local authorities

The project must become a vehicle for active awareness to protect the environment and want to contribute to a mass cultural revolution towards citizens, businesses and local authorities, offering them a wide range of quality services a competitive prices thus reducing excessive management and disposal costs, acting as a collection center for the plant fraction produced by other entities in the vicinity. This will lighten the load of waste to be disposed of by the Res Publica and will make our customers aware of a solution economically advantageous and eco-sustainable. Moreover, with the implementation of the project, with an appropriate advertising campaign, with more resources available, it is hoped to provide an effective means of combating organized crime and the phenomenon of toxic rogues that damage the everyone's health, including the environment.


As just mentioned, the project will be formalized under the name of CooperFelix - Multiservices as cooperative production and work company whose owner will be the quoted Paolo Tucci together with the partners Fabio Cipriano Esposito and Eugenio Carbone. The production cycle will be organized as follows:

  1. CONTACT: the customer (families, businesses, public bodies) contacts the company through the well-known electronic means such as social networks or via certified email facilitated by an appropriate direct or indirect advertising campaign.
  2. SITE INSPECTION: the undersigned together with the members will make an inspection to be able to view and quantify the amount of work to be done.
  3. QUOTE: a cost estimate will be drawn up to be presented to the customer quantifying the cost of freight and labor.
  4. OPERATIONAL PHASE: the customer once accepted the service will agree on the start date of the work, we will go to complete the requested service by issuing due invoicing.
  5. DISPOSAL PROCESS: the vegetable waste material will then be shredded using a special device called bio-shredder and deposited in suitable compost that is in some bins specially created to facilitate the composting process that we will place in a local that will have the function of storage equipment, after a process of aerobic biodegradation lasting from 3 to 4 months the plant mass will turn into a dark brown mixture and smells like mold or undergrowth that takes its name of compost.
  6. PACKAGING AND SALE: the finished product will then be appropriately picked up and packaged in bags of 20 liters capacity and sold to suppliers or individuals.

The production cycle for the civil and industrial cleaning sector, on the other hand, provides for the disposal of waste in a traditional manner by appropriately applying the differentiation of waste materials. Employees will be hired with a work contract and duly paid according to the number of hours that the work will require, compatible with current regulations. The total cost estimate requested by us from the Invitalia (1) credit agency amounts to approximately 85,437.60 USD (75.353,78 €) financed by Invitalia at 35 % with non-repayable grant and with 65% from bank loan at rate 0. The total cost estimate includes the purchase of adequate equipment to perform the services we are going to carry out and start-up costs such as:

  • Equipment: bio-shredder, lawn mower, chainsaw for tree pruning, cutting chainsaw, brushcutters, extendable ladder, suitable clothing and approved to the regulations in force concerning safety at work, trolleys for civil cleaning, pressure washer, tractor (Rider) lawnmowers for uneven lawns or for soccer fields, blowers, power drill, rotary cultivators, shovels, picks, grinders, watering cans, axes, spades, fertilizer spreaders, trailer transporters, other garden equipment.
  • Local restructuring and safety of the company's headquarters, installation of a video surveillance system.
  • Advertising sign.
  • Supplements and electronic components to set up the company headquarters (office).
  • Computer programs for business management.

It is noted that the announcement in which we participated does not finance the provision of suitable means of transport such as a van that is essential for the success of the project, it is also noted that the project does not make any liquidity available for the establishment of the company, even in the case of advertising initiatives or even for leasing costs.


For about six months I registered my first account on the Steemit platform, starting to write some posts about the project, after a very short time I was invited to participate in the dissemination activity by the Italian community on the platform contributing as author/disseminator of scientific themes for the project Discovery-it in collaboration with Steemstem and knowing many positive and capable people. Thanks to the friendship with the Italian Ambassador for Fundition I have been invited to view the project guidelines and the PurplePaper, being fascinated by the project which is well reflected in my ethical concept of the world and which could turn out to be an opportunity to re-launch our project. Having read the post about other projects as interesting and ethically enterprising, I thought it appropriate to bring to the team Fundition the project that I and my partners are going to achieve, requiring a little help with the hope that the team appreciates our goodwill and the planning idea we put into the field.



For about two weeks, between courses at the University and work, we run between one law firm and the other just to find out who among the representatives can reduce the initial expenditure of legal and bureaucratic practices. For now, the best price remains the one displayed on the platform and in the present post (on the Fundition platform) but we are very optimistic, so far we have managed to raise the first 1.023,95 USD (900,00 €) to be allocated to the first Goal to reach. Unfortunately, the economic conditions are not very flourishing as young people engaged in social and precarious, or those like me who study to be able to enter into a business context of interest and cutting edge, so it becomes very difficult to find such sums of money. However we are confident, optimistic, we believe in the project and we believe that a good part of the earth community can share with us and contribute to the cause, we also believe in the Fundition project values and we are very hopeful of a possible help from the Fundition Team maybe contributing to the remaining part of the quota for the overcoming of the first Goal. For more information about the project, please refer to the following link:

The CooperFelix - Multiservices Project on Fundition

All images of the post are in the public domain


Resto al Sud (Remain in the Southern)

The Science Behind Composting

Production and energetic use of biogas from energy crops and wastes in Germany

Energy Crops: The World of Biogas

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5


The CooperFelix - Multiservices Project on Steemit

The CooperFelix - Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation.


The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden


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