Core dev meeting #34

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A very short meeting this time. We didn't have much to sync on, but I had a bunch of hivemind questions that would have been faster answered by voice.

Most of the content is in the dev sync where @blocktrades and I shared our updates. If you have been starved for communities updates I talk a bit about what I'm working on and how far I am.

Basically I have a first prototype that enables new types of communities, one where you have to be a member to post but anyone can comment, another one where you have to be a member to post and comment. This should allow some communities to emerge where the content is curated (so high quality) or communities that are paid to participate etc. Once I start adding more layers on top of it like "in order to be a member you need to enable a recurrent transfer" or "in order for your post to be visible you need to set x beneficiaries to y". We should see a lot of pretty interesting use cases !


You can vote for our witness directly using Hivesigner here.


This is great news - I was talking to about making a custom front-end for this kind of thing, though we were talking about walling off the content so you had to be a member to read as well as contribute (probably using custom JSON and encryption).

I thought a bunch about encryption and it's very hard to do on a decentralized way. But nothing says it has to be fully decentralized, it could sit encrypted on the chain and only be decrypted on that one front end. Or alternatively you could keep the content off-chain and use hive/hivemind as an auth and payment system. Definitely lots of use cases there

Yeah we were thinking of it being on a custom front-end, therefore the front-end would handle encryption and decryption using a centralized seed phrase or something, with custom JSON for the encrypted content so regular feeds don't get cluttered with posts that people can't read :)

Having some posts in clear-text would promote the private side with teasers/sample content

Hey @howo thanks for the update.
What do you think about the idea to make HBD a second liquid gas token for Hive. It would act similar as eth and the other evm chains. Example a tx cost 0.01 HBD. The chain first check if you have enough rc fron hp and if not then tries with hbd. All hbd spent on gas is burned. This will allow more flexibility for anyone that want just to check things around without locking hp. Just an idea for a long term plan :)

There is already a concept like this working on other chains as luna, where you cab pay for fees in multiple native tokens.

the idea is good, I write about that a long time ago but my conclusion is, the secondary RC market will price it better than on-chain ones.

I am very afraid that it'll end up with people draining HBD out of their account. From an user experience it makes me worried. I think overall people who want to check things around without locking hp will do so by renting RC :) Once rc delegations become live, we'll probably see some market for leasing RC.

I can see how RCs will imporve the situation and overall this is not something like a top priority. Just a handy option if we can make it possible.

Another improvment would be if we can price the hive accounts creation fee in hbd instead of hive :)

Thanks a lot for this update. I have a question related to what you plan to do.

Will it be possible to display, within a given community, only contributions that have been upvoted by a given account? On the contrary, this implies that any other posts will be hidden until they become curated. Of course we can imagine having a checkbox (at the front-end level) revealing all non-curated posts (to help curators in particular).


PS: This is something I had in mind for the future STEMsocial front-end by the way.

That could be possible yes, I'll think about it :)

If you need help for testing (and possibly more), please let me know. I have quite concrete ideas for real-case requirements, that I would love to see implemented one day.

Do you think in terms of condenser or a new front-end (note that both are fine with me)?

Steempress be out here doing work 😍 really looking forward to the hard fork and the new updates to the hive block chain. Expansion and growth this year.

Testing is not bad!

Soon update!

Why there is no development in steemit ? Both hive and steemit on the same blockchain and steemit is mainly known to the majority of the people and ofcourse user base is also high there . All developers should work on steemit also, i have observered steem and hive price are co related in terms of development on each project Development in hive also matters on steemit and developmemt on steemit also matters in hive .

Its my kind request to all the steem blockchain developers to focus on steemit also . Both these projects can lead to hype of steem blockchain and there will be more development and it would be better for whole ecosystem.

Ways has been parted irreversibly. Chains test two different approaches to decentralized social media, Steem community chosen to have more centralized solution, Hive people went the other way.
I can see neither point nor interest to work together on common developments.

No hive dev will touch steem with a ten foot pole, they (justin sun) stole millions from us and centralized steem, this is why hive was created.

I encourage you to read this:

Hi dear friend. I entered Hyo two weeks ago. How can you help and guide me in my work progress?

There are some very useful considerations in this article. Thank you for sharing