Core dev meeting #40 full steam on hf26 !

in #core2 months ago

Kind of a special edition, Given that everyone is full steam on HF26, we focused solely on that.

I recommend that you listen to the entirety of this one if you're a bit technical, we go in depth in a lot about the upcoming hard fork, the testing environment and the logistical challenges awaiting us.



Sorry @howo I by accident clicked the downvote first, but then corrected it with a full vote.
Please let me know if it is okay?

Don't worry about it, when you vote after a downvote, it removes the downvote (you can't downvote and vote basically, it's all the same on a slider from -100 to +100)

Ah! Good then all is well and thank you for clearing it up to me.

that's awesome! the discussion was great, but its just nice for me (a little fish) to hear what the top hivers are doing! 💪😎🤙

Sorry I couldn't attend but I'm mostly a passenger for hard forks. Hoping it goes well again!

I want to connect an NFT game to the hive blockchain, where can I read about it?