Core development report #11: Catching up

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Hello everyone !

Lately I've been doing those reports on the hive dev meetings but I figured it was also nice for those who don't like to hear me rambling to have some updates in text format.

Here is some of the things that happened:

RC delegations

They are back on the menu ! The core code changed a LOT with hf24 and that made them not work with the hf24 changes. I spent a fair bit of time figuring out how to adapt them, but that's now done. I am waiting for some reviews on it by @blocktrades team. And I need to run some more tests, but so far in my tests it's working 🎉

you can follow progress here:

Recurrent transfer

We had a few back and forth on resource usage (you need to listen in to the dev meetings if you want all the detais) but basically we were wondering whether to delete failing recurrent transfers or not, in the end we settled on yes.

I got an initial review from @blocktrades, fixed the changes and tested the feature extensively and tried a replay. We will probably go through a few more rounds of review but we are now almost done on that front :)

you can follow the changes here:

Update proposal end date

This is something I didn't talk about in text form, it's basically a new feature that we are adding to hived to allow users to update the end date of a proposal (you can't increase the date, that would obviously allow you to receive more funding than budgeted).

This will help users who are unsure how fast they will get funding, that way they can put say an extra month of funding to give them plently of time to get funded, and then reduce the end date accordingly once they got funding.

That feature is almost complete as well, it's been tested, has unit tests and passed the replay test.

thank you @blocktrades, @abit and @emrelbeyer for the reviews :)

works is happening on hived mostly but also on hive-js, the javascript library:

Added changed_recovery_account vop after an account recovery is executed

basically the title, it was a concern brought up by @arcange in dev meeting 14 (, basically we push virtual operations whenever there is a change to the account. But we didn't push a virtual operation for when the recovery account changes, This merge request changes fixes that. It's the kind of changes that don't make much difference to users but help developers build things (like a notification that your recovery account changed) and it's important for consistency across the chain.

Work can be followed here:

That's about it for the recap, lots of things are in the final stage.

Then I'll be working on some research and development on some tooling for the chain (automated actions) which should help us scale better and increase security and maybe add a new options for proposal to have a "cutoff" amount (set the amount beforehand and if the proposal paid out that much, the proposal deletes itself, same as the end_date update, It should help smaller proposal get funded and remove some anxiety on not reaching the funds needed)

If you have some other ideas or comments, feel free to ask them :)


Thanks for all your hard work. Is there a rough estimated time for HF25? Obviously a rough date. Are we talking 3 months, 6 month, longer? I am just curious. Thanks.

You're welcome :)

We are targeting more or less four months for hf25

I have nothing to add other than thanks for the post and keeping us informed that want to try and stay up-to-date sometimes it is not easy to do, so I sincerely appreciate the effort you and blocktrades take to make these update post.

thanks for always commenting :) it's good to know that we are not just writing into the void

Thanks for your work! Appreciate the efforts to make Hive successful.

This piece is an eye opener and a mind expander, thanks I am checking out the link you added

We are in good hands. Btw you can merge