Hive core dev meeting #30

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The meeting points for this meeting:

Dev sync

listen to that one, there are some additional questions by @arcange at the end

hf26 deadline

It's far too early to commit to any date, but we are hoping to ship it by january/february

testnet startup times

It's mostly a dev issue I face when working, I wasn't sure if others were seeing it too, so I figured I'd ask. We'll sync on it via a gitlab issue.

notes from @arcange

The removal of the penalty for changing votes was mentioned for the next HF. Does this also apply if a vote is deleted?

There is no penalty for removing a vote. But you don't get voting power back.

Recurrent Transfer limit

validation check is "hours * recurrence < 730 days"
when hours = 24  (1 day)    => max recurrence = 730 (i.e. 2 years)
when hours = 720 (30 days)  => max recurrence = 24  (i.e. 2 year)
Why has the limit been set in days and not in total number of occurrence?

I got a bit confused by the question, but basically this limitation is in place to prevent someone from creating a recurrent transfer and letting it exist forever on the chain (as this induces costs for witnesses and api node operators) (it's for the same reason that a proposal fee increase was introduced past a few months).

We want a recurrent transfer to only exist for a maximum of 2 years so that's why this limit was put in place, As rc costs get better defined, we may increase that value if there is a need for it.

Removing proposals #116 and #117 in the next hardfork

Some back and forth there, it's good to listen to the debate but tl;dr: we don't think it's worth the time investment and risk.

Does anyone run a permanent testnet?

@blocktrades' team does, but only the bleeding edge, not a copy of the current main net, because it's too much hassle to run two testnets.

Keep regularity in our regular meetings!

Meetings have shifted quite a bit in the past few iterations due to vacations etc. We will now keep a very stable schedule of every two weeks and if we have nothing to say for one iteration, we'll just skip that one.

This should give the meetings more predictability, so the next one will be dec 6 at 5pm UTC :)


Well Hive is an amazing project😃. I am looking at hive to reach 5$ till next year 😃

Thank you for the update, I may not have understood even half of what was talked about, but I at least feel I am trying to keep up with the developments.

I am really looking for hive to reach $2 before the year runs out

Removing proposals #116 and #117 in the next hardfork

Maybe not that important but I do think it would be reasonable to cap the length of proposals which were created before there was a fee for long proposals.

Also, could be addressed in the UI by hiding proposals which are inactive and where the linked post is hidden/downvoted.

I still believe in that change coming into the hive.

Hey @howo, a bit unrelated question .... can you add an operation for HIVE to HBD instant conversions when HIVE is sent to to Seems like there is no records for this now ....