Hive core developper meeting #11

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subjects touched on:

  • Dev Sync
  • problems encountered with hivemind pending issues
  • Update of documentation (who/when/how)
  • Clarification on the organization/coordination of the work of developers external to the BT team with the latter
  • Patreon use case and tech limitations
  • communities v2 ?
  • Language field in hivemind
  • Get discussion in a tree instead of an array
  • Airdrop distribution round
  • 5 minute post limit removal

This was one of the longest dev meetings as there was a lot of things that were touched on. I highly encourage you to give it a listen :)

  1. Paging, if this is an instant message type thing, I would hope it would be an opt-in option. I myself would hate to have 30 page calls waiting when I first log in that I would need to respond to. I do like the PeakD style notification bell.
  2. Communication points, along with the developers, I am sure the user population would like a place on Hive to leave question. Not all users are willing or want to go to discord or a chat room with an issue. I know there is the @hiveio account, but it does not seem to be well known nor utilized very much.
  3. the discussion at about the 19 minute mark about releasing the master files for the API, does that mean that possibly by Monday, most of the API/Node issues the users are experiencing will decrease a lot?
  4. I found the subscription talk pretty interesting, it sounds like someone may be able to come up with a workable 2nd layer solution.
  5. Language field in hivemind: this idea I really like, an auto translation of post would be great, one thing I think would be needed is a one line original language so that people would know what the language was originally used and then opt out of the translation, this would solve the bi-lingual post. I actually like the side by side bi-lingual post.
  6. 5 minute post limit removal: this has been an issue on a lot of steem hard forks, just like the reward pool changes, this is one item I would like to see delayed until at least HF 26. I do not think we need to start chasing the reward system until we are done with the foundation layer. Witness selection/retention and SMT/HMT work should be foremost on our minds as we head into strengthening the foundation in preparation for the 2nd layer applications.

Just a few of my thoughts on the discussions, I would like to thank @howo and all who participated. I am just a user of Hive Block Chain, mostly on the social side of it.

Thank you for your comment @bashadow.

an auto translation of post would be great

This is not a core issue but rather a front-end feature. It can already be achieved by installing the Google Translate extension if you use a Chrome desktop browser. Of course, it would be nice to have it fully integrated into front-ends.

I actually like the side by side bi-lingual post.
Side-by-side is OK when you only have one translation, but not very reader-friendly on mobile. If you are targeting more languages, this is not a solution.

As things at the foundation level settle down, I think it will make it easier for the front ends. I don't use mobile very often, so Yeah things like the side by side bilingual post are something I don't see on my mobile phone. pretty much still a desktop die hard here.

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for bringing up those issues... looking forward to listening today.


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