New Info Contradicts Official Outbreak Timeline As People Begin To Resist Lockdowns

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In this exclusive interview Spiro is joined by journalist Helen
Buyniski. The two discuss and analyze new revelations regarding what the US Government knew about the coronavirus outbreak and when they knew it.


This new information directly contradicts what the media and the
government have been telling the people from the start of the outbreak.

Additionally, Spiro and Helen cover the growing level of unrest in
the US as people are beginning to resist the mandated lockdowns. Will there be an event to further justify the lockdowns as the public signals they have about had enough? This question and many more are addressed in this must-see interview.


Helen Buyniski’s Twitter

Helen Buyniski’s YouTube

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By Spiro Skouras

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Really superb reporting, as always from Spiro.

"I hope they lift the lockdown before the Fourth of July, so we can celebrate our freedom."

Kudos for that comment that makes it almost impossible to fail to recognize the severity of the cognitive dissonance free people under a global institution of house arrest should suffer.