Lockdown is retarded

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Just my 2 cents:

There is a new lockdown in Germany, starting today.
I only know 'lockdown' from Prison Architect (a video game), Big Herc and Wes Watson. I only know it in a prison context ... I hope the 'shakedown' does not come next.

I work construction. Big sites.

During work, nobody wears a mask, I sweat a lot, breathe a lot, spit a lot.
Up to 50 people share two portable WCs.

Next week, I will be changing the windows in a nursing home.

How does that make any sense ??

No matter how many people are in homeoffice now and off work and wearing masks or not - construction work never stopped - It is booming.
Sanitary conditions on site are as terrible as always.

Nobody cares.

The only difference for me: After work, I have trouble getting a haircut and cover the basic needs like toiletpaper - I have to work as hard as always.

This is retarded.


So true!
Here in Israel construction has never stopped either.
Indeed many projects have sped up making use of the fact that less people are using roads, rail etc.

Its completely stupid and hurts the weakest sectors of the economy the most.

Completely immoral!

...and the retards should be locked down...

Your haircut should be locked down as well