Some Sort Of Normal

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Part 4 of my Corona UK Lock-Down Diary - With a Review of Contagion the Movie and my thoughts on the crazy world of Bitcoin


Some Sort Of Normal

Something unknown whacked the Maya civilization back in the day.

One by one, their cities were abandoned, and by A.D. 900 the Maya civilization was gone, disappeared, vamoosed off to feed the fishes.

I’ve had that same sinking feeling about our great cities, “New York, London, and Tokyo.”

One by one they will be abandoned as variations of the Corona viruses come back, year after year, to wipe out the tightly packed city dwellers. All the lights of those great cities will flicker, like the great cities of the Mayans and then disappear, into the mummy dust and overgrown archaeology filtered vegetation of history.

Rome was once the template for the modern metropolis. But it to was virtually abandoned. The population falling from over a million to around 50,000. War, hunger, or pandemics, who knows?

We’ll soon be looking forward to escaping our straight-jacket cement prisons and heading for the sea or the mountains. I believe this will be the thought of all those, who have the means, to get away from the virus infested concrete jungles that our great megalopolis have become.

Food does not seem to be a problem during this world wide lock-down. Staying sane is.

Bingeing on Netflix will not solve this. Yes, we can go online and learn something new.

But do we?

No, we just seem to go round in mind-numbing circles, waiting for the divine trumpets to blow their heavenly music, and then we will give such a great cheer as the walls of our lock-down Jericho come tumbling down.

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