Four Positive things about the Corona Crisis

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I wanted to make my first post on Hive to be positive and to leave the negative energy back on Steem.

Yesterday, as I enjoyed a permitted walk with my wife and 4 of my kids through an unpolluted and beautiful park (near my home) right in the center of Tel Aviv, I thought about the positive aspects of CoronaVirus.

1 Remote Working becomes normal

As a consequence of people being told to lock down and work from home across all industries, employers are getting used to the idea of working from home.

While remote working and collaboration is common in high tech - the Open Source movement being the best example - in traditional industries such as law, accounting and finance it was looked down upon and came with much lower salaries and worse career progression.

For me this is a big positive because as an Australian lawyer living in Israel it was very difficult for me to get paid work in the profession that I am most skilled in.

Legal work is very similar to being a software developer - project based, with a lot of time writing complex stuff on a computer and most communication via email. It is perfectly suited to remote working, but the legal profession wasn't that open to it.

I'm looking forward to being able to take on paid legal projects with Australian law firms remotely from Israel to fit in with quieter times in my main project of the Crypto Industry Class Action lawsuit against Facebook & Google.

2 Globalism & the EU is dead

While I am a libertarian, I was always one who recognised that:

  • that nation-states exist to protect their citizens (indeed they are the smallest grouping that can do so in modern times);
  • that borders are as necessary as walls on houses;
  • that being patriotic and nationalistic doesn't mean you are racist or hate people from other countries any more than having locks on your doors means you hate your neighbours.

This Corona Crisis has exposed the dangerous fallacy of open borders and the EU is suffering a massive death toll and economic destruction because it clung to the ideology of open borders when all logic and common sense said that borders needed to be closed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Countries, like Israel, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Russia and Australia which closed borders quickly are doing much better than countries like France, Spain, the UK which didn't.

I will be very glad to see the end of the EU, an undemocratic autocracy & bureaucracy that destroyed freedom, individuality and only benefited Germany.

3 The end of fiat currencies and the post Breton Woods financial system

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis because he knew that the current fiat currency based financial system is irreparably broken. This Keynesian fiat based financial system is in its death throes as every central bank intervention just shift the problem to another part of the impossibly complicated and incredibly fragile structure. The Repo market is broken, the cross currency swap market is broken and the crucial US Treasuries market is close to breaking.
Like the body of an elderly patient with advanced Coronavirus, the current system is suffering a massive cascading failure which will end with its death.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Hive will emerge from the ashes as sound money backed by real communities.

4 Time with family

While being mostly home bound with three kids under three including 4 month old twins is bloody hard work, it is also special family time.

My almost 3 year old is learning to paint, bake and play with my wife who is running a home kindergarten just for her.
She has been at kindergarten five and a half days a week since she was 9 months old so this is a big change for her and us,
But it is giving us precious time with her that will never come back.

We are also connecting more to my extended family spread all over the world via FaceTime. My sister and her family are locked down in Oslo and making pizaa while Facetiming them and arguing about when to put the cheese on was very special. We are both normally so busy we connect only occasionally.

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Yeah, turns out we made a lot of the same points in our first HIVE post, didn't we? We might find that we might be better off with manual curation over here. By getting rid of a lot of the automated scripts that had come to dominate the old chain, we might discover new (old) ways of connecting that are much more fulfilling.

I, too, can't believe the EU has lasted this long. First, the virus exposed Schengen for the stupid idealism that it was (although I can't believe that recent terrorism hadn't already). Now, the inability to enact QE measures in a targeted way because of the eurozone will surely lead to its downfall.

Yes, great minds think alike, but fools never differ. I hope we are the former.
Manual curation is much better, although I'm sure the auto-voting will return.
The US is also having governance problems with Congress unable to pass its package.

Yes... we need to look for the positives in all situations. I agree with you 100% ... we are making the most of our Self isolation with immediate Family ( with my wife and 2 kids only) here in Canada. Painting, creating, learning, sharing on

Thanks for the upbeat post on covid-19. There is a lot to read online at present, and not much of it instils peace of mind.

The UK is going to have a major wake-up call next week as people are still not understanding the implications of collecting en mass, just because it's a nice sunny day and 'we always go to the coast when the sun is out'.

Good to hear you are using this as an opportunity to catch up with family and friends, it's working that way for many I think.

Have a good Sunday!

Yes, I am very worried about the UK. Its tracking 14 days behind Italy. See my earlier post.
My parents in law are in London and despite our best efforts more than a week ago we couldn't get them to leave and come to Israel where they have a house.

Ahh, that is frustrating news. Do they have friends who could do their food shop?

I'm keeping up to date (a bit like not being able to take your eyes off a car crash) with the numbers, and the next few weeks look terrible for the UK and the US.

I've been off work since Tuesday, and many of my friends have gotten the message to stay out of the way and help the older folk. There are however plenty of ignorant [email protected] around :/

by always looking on the bright side you deny yourself a big chunck of reality... like pedo rape island immunities... etc... so they spread and you see even less... until the whole sky is dark...

Have a look at some of my other posts, especially re nCOV19, and you'll see that I have made stark and depressing warnings that came true:

your sanity and optimism is appreciated. <3

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you are calling victory way too fast...

  1. don't forget getting credit on fixed supply size crypto is very dangerous.

2 eu / owg (one world gov) aren't stopped by ncov2019, quite the contrary, part of their white genocide / population replacement, they are still full on bringing excess demographic population / demographic warfare supporter, open border... and eu just got healthcare competence (almost finished), the who / un is used by some to protect themselves and their job, to have no responsability, the ecdc is funded to buy cayennes to everyone (european cdc)... so... it's more the walls of china / russia / islam / israel that stand in the path of the bill gates, sorros musk and co.

remote working... good luck... remote growing, remote mfg, remote remote... go to your pod please and produce electricity for us, you will be way more useful :).

  1. enjoy. you will see what you missed...