Where is the Paper Toilet? In Coinmarketcap... i'ts so serious

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Fuente: https://blog.coinmarketcap.com/2020/04/01/toilet-paper-token-wipe-paper/

American society already has a tailored and logical solution to the dissociated behavior of hoarding that has become fashionable these days of the Coronavirus, to position a capital tokenizing the misfortune, is the most ingenious solution that I could read these days.
It is not a joke
The Token Where is the Toilet Paper, from now on TPT ToiletPaperTokenlogo2x.png , is a way to tokenize the fear you feel for the shortage and they offer you to control that all the people acquire the right amount, so that the production that surely would be adjusted to the demand, resists and for that reason it is better that you take care obtaining your lucky coin, or of the toilet paper

1 TPT = USD $1.64
Market crap: $85,583,000,000
Total supply: 8 billion
Scattering supply: Dynamically issued in response to changing levels of demand (out of stock)
Volume: 41,758,500,000

I quote

"The implication of this system is, no more hoarding or grocery store fights over the last set of rolls. In the event that the stores are sold out, TPT holders will be the first customers to be notified of the replenishment of preferred customers to receive supplies.
Maintaining TPT ensures product integrity and fair distribution of toilet paper worldwide, which ultimately contributes to TPT's mission: to prevent humanity from falling back to the first two levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Our worthy role is to maintain our position in our rarefied place on the "turd level" where love and belonging abound".

We have a Token that guarantees that we will not be afraid for lack of toilet paper, if we survive, we will no longer be afraid...

Whose idea was that?


Pues me asuste pero si esta ahí es por que lo van a implementar.