Coronavirus Boosts Ring Fit Adventure Sales in China

in #coronavirus4 years ago (edited)

The virus outbreak in China has affected a lot of businesses in terms of manufacturing, and video game consoles are no exception. Nintendo and Sony are facing supply shortages due to China being at a standstill to help mitigate the Coronavirus. However, for Nintendo it seems business is picking up elsewhere.

Nintendo’s latest fitness game, Ring Fit Adventure, is booming in China, with retailers purchasing stock overseas and marking up the price from $70 to more than $250.

The virus seems to be the culprit of the sudden popularity of the product as residents aren’t allowed to go outside, thus having no means of recreational activity or being able to go to the gym. Another reason for the huge jump in price is that the game has yet to have an official release in the country, so resellers are taking advantage of the game’s popularity.

Let’s see if Nintendo can keep up with the demand of its new popular product, since even before the virus outbreak began, Nintendo has had a hard time restocking Ring Fit Adventure.