The Corona Virus Silver Lining

in #coronavirus3 years ago

Amidst all of this bad news about the Corona Virus and things getting worse, there definitely seems to be a silver lining to the whole pandemic situation that we're in now.

A tweet from The Lonely Planet which states that "The canals of Venice have cleared so much that fish are visible and swans have returned" showing images of the iconic Venice with clear water and swans now visible in their waterway is a silver lining to the whole situation we are in now.

I firmly believe that when humans go out of control, nature has it's way of coming back with a bang and this is what I believe is happening to the world right now, the natural balance of the world is being restored by force!

I am sure with SO MANY vehicles not operating in the world today, the CO2 emissions have fallen DRASTICALLY. Maybe this was probably the ONLY way to get global warming under control!

I have personally talked to a lot of people who have started meditating more because they're now staying indoors. How can that be a bad thing, right?

You may have lost more than a few bucks in the stock market but hey, everyone else did as well. Hope this is all for good. The only thing we need to be sad about is sickness and death. If that unfortunately happens that's a huge loss but as long as that doesn't happen, there isn't much to worry about!

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