The Private Sector : Unacknowledged & Taken for Granted during COVID-19

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The private sector has been for the most part unacknowledged during the pandemic, on an international level. The neglect for arguably the most important aspect of a free market, has been noticed by few. Without these individuals speaking up for their right to private commerce, there would be no voice for the free market present on earth at the moment.


A recent post by @death-and-taxes recently opened my eyes to how bad the situation for peoples privacy online, even with the most modern technology infrastructure, our DNS services need to be re-imagined to achieve web 3.0. I encourage @ecency, @blocktrades, @leofinance, and @peakd to drop Cloudflare and use something else, preferably not what anyone else is using. You can read the post

Remember you have friends, local businesses and community members who are struggling and would be happy to accept your money for the services they offer.

Not all things must be automated or easy to use, because we would be someone else's sheep herd in that case, not self governing individuals who sought educated freedom over simple convenience.

HiveVPN Supports Private Sector Business

Privacy as a Human Right

Here at HiveVPN we strive to compassionately integrate privacy technology into our users lives in a way that makes them feel free. The adversary the average small business is facing is unforseen and no ever experienced in recent history. If you have a service on Hive, feel free to advertise for it in our comments until further notice, we are here to help the private sector.



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