My Body - The Government’s Choice - The Legalization of Medical Rape

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The government raped you or your consent? Medical rape is being legalized. Shall I add that it is being encouraged? No criminal offense here. Just another regular day at the office. We’re getting fucked in the ass (but with a lot of lube this time around.) We trust the government and its biggest pandemic ally - fake science - cuz our fake sense of freedom depends on it.

The court of public opinion will make its best use of dichotomous thinking - you’re either pro vaccine or you’re a conspiracist. Choose your team wisely cuz there’s no in between.
“I’m putting a mask to protect others.”
“I’m getting vaccinated to protect others.” Since when are human beings as selfless as these statements make them out to be? Last time I checked people were self obsessed and focused first and foremost on their own best interest.

Being vaccinated against propaganda doesn’t cut it anymore. No more “freedom of choice.” There’s only one socially accepted choice and if you decide to go against it you will be judged, stigmatized, accused of being selfish, ignorant, a conspiracist, a jerk face, you name it. Apparently having a healthy dose of skepticism isn’t healthy in most people’s eyes.

I ain’t no anti hero, but man something is off here. If the virus is as dangerous as deemed to be, why the need to push a massive vaccination campaign onto us?
“Get vaccinated, you’ll be part of a 1M$ draft.”
“Get vaccinated, Krispy Kreme will give you a free donut.”
Donut try me. I don’t trust strangers offering me poisonous candy

The pressure to conform is reaching all time highs. “Do the right thing.” Hey, don’t pull on me the greater good narrative. The world wouldn’t be what it is if the greater good was truly in the cards. Medical rape is sitting right at our doorstep and we’re taking it like champs! Go at it, treat yourself, take away my one last little piece of freedom. My body is one forced vaccine away from being the government’s property.


if they know what's good for them they won't go anywhere near this strong-willed human being...
i still think a lot of the mandatory vax narrative is fear propaganda. a resounding NO is harder to overcome by the system than we sometimes think or are led to believe. So keep saying no, I am doing the same.

all the best to ya

BUUUUUUUT, the science is not fake. Your sentiment is exactly why the U.S. will remain a pandemic zone. You've chosen not to be vaccinated - why? If you are at all skeptical then your post really doesn't convey that... it screams a government conspiracy, take my rights away, kill my freedom of speech, everyone's out to get me rant.

Convince me I'm wrong.