Important notice: I have contracted the COVID-19 virus

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Important notice: I have contracted the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately I am here to announce something not so beautiful, but which is part of this time. I will be absent from blogging in the next few days. I hope to be back to writing and blogging in 7 or 10 days.
Be careful and take care of yourself.

Avviso importante: Ho contratto il virus COVID-19. Purtroppo sono qui ad annunciare una cosa non tanto bella, ma che fa parte di questo tempo. Mi assenteró dal blogging nei prossimi giorni. Spero di tornare a scrivere e a fare blogging tra 7 oppure 10 giorni.
State attenti e prendetevi cura di voi stessi.


maledetto virus...
Forza e coraggio.

Stefano I hope you are well! I wish you a fast recovery!

Guarisci presto e torna a scrivere presto ✌️

I hope you recover soon, take good care of yourself and we are waiting for you because I know that you will overcome this virus.
A hug

Hey Buddy, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope you get better very soon. Please take good care of yourself!!! More strength to you!!!

Take lots of vitaminC, D3 and zinc tablets.

Rest, I give you a speedy recovery