Finally, beach this summer!

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Nine days from now, April will be over. Summertime is slowly dwindling and I cannot let the month pass without me going to the beach.

Whereelse is the best place to spend summer than the beach right?

So today, I packed my swimsuit and swimming essentials. Took a basket full of plates, drinks and what-nots. My little one was in charge of the snacks, and I saw in her backpack her favorite chips. Hubby was taking care of the portable grill and he was excited to be cooking the marinated barbecue for our lunch and lots of seafood grilling.

I put on some sunscreen and wore my sunglasses.

Off we go.

The beach was almost ours. There was only a family of seven on the far side of the beach, obviously enjoying the sea breeze, as what we were about to enjoy as well.

As soon as we reached the shore, I took off my flipflops and felt the sand in between my toes. Like a child, I ran merrily towards the water and felt the cold soothing water on my feet.

Yes, it really is summer. I can feel the warm sea breeze, i can smell the salty scent of the ocean, and hear the relaxing swoosh of the waves.

My little one, hurriedly took off her clothes and what was left on her was her swimsuit -- all-ready to take a dip on the beach. I was just about to ask her whether she put on some sunscreen and it was like she read my mind and answered me that she already did.

Hubby however, was busy unpacking our loads excited for a semi-seafood boodle fight lunch. Semi seafood since we have the marinated barbecue and hotdogs, plus shrimp, crabs, and oysters. We also have seaweeds, ginger and tomatoes, plus minced unripe mango with onion, tomatoes, salted egg and shrimp paste. That would be a nice lunch to pair with steaming white rice.

So yes, finally we were at the beach.....

..... But only in my dreams.

Gotta to stay home because the province is still under extreme enhanced community quarantine.

I hope this pandemic ends soonest.