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RE: EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR COVID19? - Ivermectin - MANY Studies/Doctors Agree 90%+ Success Rate

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I think one of the great future values of systems like Hive and blockchain will be in bringing transparency and ease of access to information about the question you ask. Tokenization will make it possible to know exactly who and what motives are behind political, economic and social actions that today are muddled in intentional obfuscation. These activities have been a mainstay of social/political and economic activity for generations and are a prime reason that so many rail against political status quo and capitalisms.

From your post I cannot see enough information to make a really informed decision but it certainly points out a possible answer. It is precisely this kind of investigation that will help us all discover actual facts that cannot be refuted. Only then can we sweep away the shadows.

Outstanding work.

Blessed Be.


Thanks! I don't have all the answers regarding Ivermectin either - but I'm sure that with enough eyeballs on the topic, open and enquiring minds will draw the truth out into view :)