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The Catholic Church is the Bride of Christ and Catholicism is Scripture and Apostolic Tradition. The masons, started by the jews, are the problem. The masons infiltrated the Church slowly over the years. Including all Her holy orders (Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Benedictines, Franciscans, etc.) I cannot go to mass or receive Communion any more because of their satanic changes and their installing of an antipope ("Francis.") Catholics are a remnant today. Being a mason is automatic excommunication. Those people are not Catholic. The Jews have been fighting the Bride of Christ, and therefore Christ Himself, since the beginning. They dont want the gospel preached. They are adversaries to all men until the end (1 Thessalonians 2:15.)

The prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success says it all.


How could the RC instituion be the true church when you admit the Pope is false? Is not the Pope said to be infallible, at least since Vatican Conncil I?

A Pope is infallible when making an Ex Cathedra statement. "Francis" is not the Pope, Benedict still is.
However, real Popes can error and sin too, they are not God. All Popes are not Canonized. Some are probably in hell.

St. Paul wrote that there will be a revolt first before the antichrist comes (2 Thessalonians 2:3.) We are living through it now.

There is plenty of good research showing how this is being done. One of the more recent publications is Taylor Marshall's Infiltration - The Plot To Destroy The Church From Within.