Pharmageddon: The Crony Capitalist, Corporate Genocide

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Swine Flu Exposed in 2009 - trial run for Covaids, govts bought tons of vaccines and no one really died except from the vax:

All Scientists Forced To Retire After Realizing The Science Is Now Settled:

Corona Investigative Legal Committee:

Texas will never mandate injection. Recognizes natural immunity. No C19 passports EVER and status kept confidential, protected, and secure:

Canada: Home of the CanUCKS - WhatsHerFace:

Image used twice:

Identical footage from almost a year ago during a chemical leak being shown from India right now claiming it's the #CovidIndia outbreak. Still think we're not being conned?:

Erectile Dysfunction Risk 6 Times Higher in Men With COVID:

Why are we still listening to Kill Gates song:

Mask mandate goes into effect for kids ages 2 to 4 in Michigan:

“I want to put an end to all the rumors. I want to show people that there is no danger in getting vaccinated. On the contrary, it will protect us."

Federal Australian health minister Greg Hunt does interview with COVID-19 Great Reset book highlighted behind him:

Fake News: Photoshopped picture of Himalayas used to show how Covaids has made air quality better:

Every ‘leader’ in world all read same script about ‘building back better’:

Huge protests in Italy:

Strict limits have been placed on withdrawals per day in #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Hundreds of people queuing up to withdraw money at ATMs (this is why crypto):

JPMorgan to offer wealthy clients access to bitcoin fund:

India vows to HANG officials for delaying Covid oxygen supplies :

IRS is probing the dark web to look for cryptocurrency and NFT tax evasion, says IRS commissioner:

Pirate Chain (ARRR) Price Predictions: Where Will the ARRR Crypto Go After Sky-High Gains?:


Hope I didn't make this "comment" too long. I'm trying to summarize how to fix 1000s of years of maritime scams here. Just know one thing: I don't even follow attorney based cases anymore. This is way too exciting for me to spend time on those. I think you'll spark way more interest by following a different types of cases, ones that take place outside of their rigged jurisdiction: claims in the private.

Want the back-story behind Florida and Texas before the mask mandates were lifted (coincidence)? Want to see a man turn the legal system on its head while having fun at the same time?

I love this guy, and I think you will too: Alphonse Faggiolo. O yea, here is the kicker, there is a whole group behind this and growing fast; they can't squash this one. Alphonse is the one that is great at bringing this out into the public. Yea, you can use this in Mexico in the event you need to talk some since into someone. Don't even need to raise your voice when you know you have it nailed.

Hint: It is not called suing/lawsuit it is more in-line with a "claim". It is not an "appeal" is it pushing the claim. It is not bound by the time-lines and "Rules of Civil Procedure", it is the claimant that sets the time-line. How long does justice take? The answer is typically: 90 days. It is natural law and common law and works amazingly well if you know a few simple things and really know how to hold your position ("standing"). This is how to make justice pale in comparison to the Nuremberg Trials if you ask me.

Work is being done on getting lawfully trained Notary Republics to approve settled claims (about 90 days) and issue lawful liens for damages (that is work going in California). No Judge need risk their carrier. The paperwork is your court. An attorney's attempted involvement in any capacity whatsoever under his/her license is very simply a trespass and hearsay (it does not matter what they say, just getting involved is a trespass and a felony). It is not an attorney (attorney one's rights over to the state) it is a man or woman's lawful claim. Does that sound better than civil war?

When all is said and done, I think the most honorable thing anyone can do is use this to wake someone up and cover their damages and nothing more but get the ultimate karmatic credit: give forgiveness.
34min -- Mr Attorney
By 50min - Rice Crypt - "I'm really starting to feel sorry for those Attorneys"

Thanks for the #ARRR report! I parted with some of my old STEEM and EOS.. ARRR is 20% of my portfolio now. I'm keeping my HIVE.

I'll come back with the Florida / Texas cases .. I'll have to find those again. Some videos are on private membership sites.

Here is the story of 30 claims in Florida when this covaids nonsense started...

  • 28min 36 sec Florida
  • 56min 30 sec Texas

Unfortunately these come with NDAs and I can't directly verify them. I get the process though, and I can cross-reference Alphonse work with others and connect the dots. They CONNECT well. I'm taking notes and making my own "processes" ..

If your in the USSA this info most applies. This is very likely (given the timing) why the mask mandates in the USSA started getting reversed when they did. This is Randy Kelton. One man's work. Randy covers his claim that got the filed against the Texas governor and got his 180 page complaint in front of the Grand Jury which means the governor had to consider that he could have been indited facing jail time. Randy was told the Jury was taking a month because they had to read every page. Within two weeks of Randy's complaints getting in front of the Grand Jury, the governor reversed all 20 of his unconstitutional Covaids executive orders. No indictment but the orders got reversed. Shortly after many states followed.

Alphonse Faggiolo follows Randy and builds on this taking it above the "citizen" into the living man. Alphonse uses Randy's work and techniques when he does that. It is a lot to learn, but it is powerful.

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