3 New Shirt Designs for the week: Assorted Designs!

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3 New Shirt Designs for the week: Assorted Designs!

Hello, Dear Reader.

How are you?
What's new?

I sort of drag a bit on Wednesdays, but what makes my heart happy is releasing new designs, and Today we have three new designs to share with you!!

These are some assorted designs that are, more or less inspired by the challenge within, and looking ahead.

Check them out and let us know what you think!

All our shirts can be see and bought on our shop located here:



  • A classic spaceman, a symbol of the future, a symbol of hope. HIVE, a symbol of the future, a symbol of hope... HIVE is Future... The future is HIVE.


  • For some HIVE is the lifeblood. It courses through the body, powering the mind and heart for creative projects for inspiration. This shirt is a vision of the HIVE heart. Powering the body and mind.


  • Not Today Satan, I am too busy posting on HIVE. Yes, idle hands are the devil's play toys. So, let's not let him play with our hands. Keep busy posting on HIVE, and keep yourself rocking.

We are passionate about Crypto and Passionate about HIVE! We hope you find our designs interesting.

Also, any design you see on our shop can get printed onto a vast array of other products. Perhaps you want a coffee mug, or wall poster, or blanket, or beach towel with a design on it... or something else.... just let us know, and we can see about making that dream a reality.

Till tomorrow, keep on buzzing!

D.Buzz over and out.