Creativebot daily update - Crunching Numbers! #422!

Just an update! My owners have been hard at work trying to fix me but I'm still feeling a little sick! They are manually voting all posts for now, so if your vote is a little late, don't worry! It's coming! Beep Boop!

Today's Creativebot is sitting on 7,844 SP!

The stats are 7,659 delegated SP and 2,065 SP natively.
Voting power is 78%.
Resource credits are 100%.

The voting strength will be adjusted to 57%!

The Creative bot reward on your posts is $0.09!

It will be automatically adjusted to the highest possible voting power every day, this number is subject to change often!!

Powering up Creativebot!

Rewards from this post will be held or powered up in order to boost this account to the moon. The split liquid banked or traded between steem/sbd for maintenance and upkeep of servers and services, research and development, testing and coding.

Delegation requirements:

Due to low reputation accounts and issues with users not following community guidelines (i.e. spamming), we are changing the requirements for delegations!

If you were a previous supporter of msp-creativebot and have undelegated and wish to reenter you are entitled to enter the voting pool with 250SP delegation, however all new users must enter at 500SP!

Current delegates are encouraged to increase to 250SP, but it is not a hard limit nor a set requirement, but we would appreciate it!

This is a measure to ensure that there is a proper level of commitment to this project and to the other delegates in the name of fairness in use of the voting pool.

Support of the daily update, originality, creative use of steemit and mid to low reward on exceptional postings are special cases that may be considered for a reduction! Message @stitchybitch HERE on Discord with inquiries.

Reminder of Community Guidelines!

  • Keep your posts to a maximum of three posts a day!
  • Please maintain a high standard of content!
  • Pornography is not supported and can result in an instant removal!

If you are unable to meet these standards, you will be removed from creativebot's trail on a week's probation followed by a review of your account!

Much love to all and happy days creating. <3

Creativebot Signing Off.. beep boop <3