IAAC #57 - Let's make a collage LMAC special

in #creativecoin2 years ago

Here we have my entry to the LMAC special. I am really glad I found a community with design challenges so that I can practice and get out of my comfort zone.


leviathan_side.pngLeviathan side view@donroberts
Fire Explosion Sparkling - 1800x1890.pngFire explosionhttps://purepng.com
Stormtrooper - 1280x1072.pngStormtrooperhttps://purepng.com
Lightning - 960x1151.pngLightninghttps://purepng.com
Lightning - 570x640.pngLightninghttps://purepng.com

Cool. Action collage in collage in light brown shade. Wish you luck. 😎

Welcome to the LMAC @johnsdowie, great to see you joining!

That's an amazing collage which you put together! The fireball works perfectly with the dragon by @donroberts. Thanks for using and supporting the LIL-Library!

Thank you for supporting the LMAC with your time and creativity!

📢 >>> https://discord.gg/CEPZVdmYmf <<< 📢

Awesome! Thanks for using my leviathan! Good luck in the contest!

Thank you man!

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