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I guess there's always bad or good weather somewhere else - and at some point both reach you 🤔

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Camera LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm

Prompt / Theme: What was the last tv series you watched?

Giveaway 🎁 - 2 winners
Prize A: 5 HIVE SBI (default)
Prize B: 250 DEC

Winners will be chosen randomly after post pay-out. Please specify if you want a particular prize from those listed above.


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Thanks for having a look 👍


I got talked into watching “Grace and Frankie” I didn’t watch much as it quite bad. But checkout Jane Fonda at age 80

I started watching the remake of Teen Wolf... but abandoned it. It was worse than the old version.

the last one i watched was the witcher.
ign: @helicopter-d

The last series i watched was "Money Heist".

nice shot bud! now i feel like a would like to have some good vacation XD
the tv series a watched was sex education from netflix :D
i would like to win that 250 dec if given the chance :D thanks for the giveaways

Hello i'm the previous winner and thanks for the giveaway.
the last series a watched was game of thrones. tho it is a rewatched, i really GOT a lot.
250 dec for the win @yasufuma

Thankyou! for the giveaway sir, im new to splinterlands so that B.250 dec could help me a lot on renting cards if i win the giveaway..
i cant even remember the tv series i watched. i am busy watching splinterlands guide and a little anime episodes(onepiece)
ign: lionhead2

I just started watching the new season of Sex Education on Netflix this morning.

Congrats on winning 👍



The last series I've watched was "Doctor Who". All of the new series.

I want the DEC prize, please.


Congrats on winning 👍



I would love to be sitting on that rock. Nice picture!

>> Prompt / Theme: What was the last tv series you watched?

Breaking Bad - I don't watch to much TV lately.

Last TV series I watched was Marvel's What If.
The HIVE SBI would be good.

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