Glowing Haze

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Sunset over the city of Hobart.

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm

Prompt / Theme: Do you live in a country town or the city?

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Thanks for having a look 👍

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I live in the city. Even though the city lacks the beauty of the countryside, it is much easier to find jobs and such. That is the sacrifice I have to make. Hopefully I can move to the countryside after I retire.

I live in the city due to it being close to the kids schools and the family.

Congrats on winning.



Thank you sir!

Countryside for me, not necessarily by choice but my family owned a house there. It takes some time of driving to get to where I want but well, nothing is perfect in life.

(400 DEC if I win)


This is the aerial view of the biggest market place of my city.
Yes, I live in a city. Better Infrastructure, goods and services are the reasons why I prefer cities over country town. Visiting country towns once a while is fine but living there is a big NO for me.

Cities are like that are too big for me.. All that traffic 😒

Looks well organised though. I'll keep to the small town, thanks :)

Congrats on winning. I assumed after our convo that you were after DEC 👍



wow thank you so much!