Sky Mirrors

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The city of Melbourne.

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm

Prompt / Theme: Do you believe the acquisition of Steemit by TRON will be beneficial for the Steem ecosystem?

Giveaway 🎁 - 2 winners
Prize A: 1 Steem Basic Income Unit (default)
Prize B: 200 DEC

Winners will be chosen randomly after post payout. Please specify if you want a particular prize from those listed above.

  • 👊 No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow - just your responding comment required to enter.
  • Comment a reply directly to this post within 7 days. A genuine (family friendly) comment responding to the theme / prompt is required.
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  • Not be on @cheetah's blacklist.

Thanks for having a look 👍

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Well, I have no clue... but it's really hard to make Steem any worse than and their Witnesses already did.

Thanks for the contest. If I win, I prefer the SBI Share.

I really don't know but I started my first ever powerdown on my main account today. No idea if it's the right thing to do or not.

i would prefer the DEC please.

No idea if it's the right thing to do or not.

Always a tricky one. I've been considering it myself but I'd like to keep my SP over 1k.

Congrats on winning. Thanks again to everyone who entered 👍



Thanks so much!

@kiokizz, In my opinion still there is Situation Of Uncertainty because, in my opinion so many missing pieces are there and i think that Justin and Ned didn't showcased much interest towards clearing the doubts of the Steem Community. Stay blessed.

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I think and also hope that the acquisition of Steemit by TRON could be a great benefit for the Steem ecosystem. I think it will take some time for the development and marketing employees, to clear things out and prepare a roadmap for the benefit of the Steem and Tron community. Let's look positive into the future... ;-)

Thanks for the contest, I would prefer the SBI if I win. :-)

Congrats on winning. Thanks again to everyone who entered 👍



Wow, thank you so much @kiokizz :-)


👍 Thanks for entering.

Out of curiosity did you find my post from one of my Discord server messages?

Yes, I find your post in the sbi discord server.

Hi, @kiokizz!

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