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I had 20k CCC delegated to brofi, and accumulated a few more coins over time. Nothing against brofi, but I'd like to try something new.

So I just took back the delegation: I plan to use it myself and possibly stake a few more. I'm not sure yet if it will be with this account, or if I better do the voting with a dedicated account. Since I undelegated just now, I'll have 7 days to come up with a plan.

Looking forward to give out some CCC votes, even though my stake probably doesn't make a big move here.

See you on Creative Coin!


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I think CCC is undervalued and have been accumulating the coin.

CreativeCoin has a well defined focus. I've wondered if there is or should be concerted effort to downvote abuse of the #creativecoin tag? I would be happy to participate. I think the tag abuse is getting a bit out of hand.

As for the question of accounts: I think the question hinges on whether or not you see the CCC curation as a separate business.

Personally, I think curation is best done from one's personal account. My personal account delivers both HIVE and CCC.

I have a second account called @vagabondspirit . This business account is working on a project called "The Infinite Doodle." I want to keep the accounting of this project separate; so I have a different account.

VS has a small amount of HIVE and a large amount of CCC.

While I think it is most effective to do the curation from your personal account. You should create a second account if you intend to do the curation as a separate business.

Thanks for your comment. I agree, #creativecoin has lots of potential! I think a separate account could allow me to better separate between tokens/stakes/VP per tribe, but comes with efforts to manage multiple accounts. On the other hand, keychain supports logging into each tribe interface separately, so this could work without too many hassles... I'll think about it, thanks for your thoughts!

The LeoDex Rewards tab shows a compelling reason why you should create a separate account for curation. It shows the voting percent for each coin a person holds. Since I am voting on general posts, I am rarely voting the full potential of each of my alt coins.

The page lets you set a weight for the votes, but I am not sure if that feature is implemented yet.

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