The demise of SilentBot

in #creativecoinlast year

I'm sorry guys, but with #creativecoin at roughly 0.0001 HIVE at an almost non-exixting trading volume, and with a stake of roughly 640,000 CCC, @silentbot has become simply too underpowered to have any remaining use either for human or automated curation.

I'm abandoning the @silentbot, seems CreativeCoin is pretty much dead, so dead that even #hiveengine won't allow claims anymore (I've got a few thousand CCC stuck in claim for some weeks now and claims keep failing).

With Silentbot being mostly a (now underpowered) #CCC based curation bot, there is no sense continuing.

I'll keep the bot running in auto-vote mode for another week or so, after that its over for this bot.