Snowy mountain tops

Finished not perfect!

It’s hard to admit that I’m out of practice so I’ve been stubbornly sketching until I got something good. There were several failed doodles and it was obvious that I was trying too hard. Once I was able to cool my head, I started having fun. I was only planning to sketch lightheartedly but then I got swept away. I began this piece with the thought that it would be a simplistic portrait but then I was struck with inspiration. She turned into a titan nestled in the mountains. I would’ve liked to add more detail into this image but I hit a wall after four hours. Maybe I’ll revisit it down the road. For now, it’s finished but not perfect.

Currently, I’m hanging out at the coffee shop. It feels good to be able to visit, even if it’s only once a week. I got to say my hellos to some of the other regulars and I was hoping to play some magic since I finally found my cards! We had to tidy up the game room since @kommienezuspadt has a friend staying with us for the next two nights. I’m very thankful because I was able to find my cards after organizing the mess. It was a little ridiculous because they were hiding in the most obvious spot! I was delighted by my discovery and embraced the box like the nerd that I am.

Again, I was looking forward to playing a game but we actually have to leave soon. @kommienezuspadt’s friend left to get food and realized that he doesn’t have a way back in. Haha, that sounds like something I’d do. I guess I’ll have to fill my time with other activities like watching anime, drawing or editing an old set of photos.

The process...

Drawings done by yours truly on Procreate using the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

I’ll be sharing the timelapse drawing soon! Until then...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my work!🦊


Very pretty drawing. And very inventive. I always love the 'blend-into-the-background' drawings/paintings. (not sure how else to call them hehe) I've been thinking to pick up my drawing again, for I haven't done much in such a long time. And then all these amazing art pieces pop up in my feed. I think it's a sign. So I might. Soon.
Thank you for sharing your work.

@tipu curate

Yes! Do it and do it now! It’s never too late to pick it back up! I took years off from drawing then I devoted a huge chuck of time and it slowly came back. Good luck to you!

For no reason whatsoever I'm now imagining her annoyance if some stupid human scaled her and attempted to stick a flag in her head XD

Bahahaha!! I actually thought about putting a little mountain goat on her shoulder and people in the background but I forgot!

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