Where I end and you begin

Just enough for the imagination to fill in the blanks.

Good evening friends. Let me tell you all about my yesterday. I had some wild dreams but slept soundlessly. I woke up feeling refreshed but was upset to find that the car that I’m temporarily using got ticketed! For what? Being in a no park area while the city was cleaning up leaves. 🙄 They posted up signs the day before that I neglected to read. What crummy luck. I threw a little fit since it’s my very first parking ticket but I’m grateful the car wasn’t towed. That would’ve been terrible!

@kommienezuspadt decided to cheer me up with a lunch date. Good food and quality time makes everything better. He spoiled me with my favorite desserts and I fell even more in love. We went home afterwards for a short snuggle session before @guthrie was out of school and I decided to make myself up. Usually, I can’t be bothered to do more than a lip tint and eyeliner. Switching it up, I applied dark brown-burgundy shades to my eyes and painted on black lips to match my soul. I received a bunch of compliments at the coffee shop so that felt good!

It’s been forever since I’ve let myself sketch freely. I set aside the time and these lovely lines came to be.

It felt good to draw again but I felt out of practice. I went through several doodles before I settled on doing figure drawings.

Fluid strokes with the perfect amount of lines. I’m sure it takes a minute to make out the silhouettes but this is my favorite way to sketch.

Hope you enjoyed my sketches. Thanks for stopping by! 🦊


very interesting... ipad drawings?

Yep! All done on the iPad Pro.

Oops always read the things D: least you only got a ticket XD

And you get made up a lot more than I do even with the "simple" make up XP

I felt so dumb!!! I dropped @guthrie off at school with the other car, saw a sign dated for a later day around the block and assumed the signs on my block were the same. 😖

Ooh I am loving this @vermillionfox and happy to see you and @kommienezuspadt are still happily part of steemit. I was far too busy to deal with online life much this Summer, but trying to segway my time back in and so glad to come back to see so many of my faves :)

I love the curvilinear lines of these figures, an abstraction and a beautiful figural piece.