Join the Sndbox Incubator - Applications Now Open for Cohort 2 [Launch of our Animated Introduction]

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Empower Your Creativity

Hello everyone! Today our team is very excited to officially open applications for Cohort 2 of the Sndbox Incubator. We’ve made some big changes to our program and hope you enjoy our new introductory video, below. With Sndbox, we’re not just a fun community of crypto-curious artists, we’re a diverse team of innovators dedicated to building better blockchain resources and tools to equip creatives for the 21st century.

Learn more about our incubator, click the video below:

More About Sndbox

We are an incubator powered by the Steem blockchain. Our community is a global and diverse network of artists, writers, designers, musicians and non-profit institutions. Sndbox helps members learn about and earn cryptocurrency to empower innovative projects and creative ideas. We use the Steem blockchain as an avenue for fundraising and as a forum to share research across the whole of the blockchain ecosystem.


Our Program

Sndbox hosts two cohorts (classes of 50 - 100) per year. Each cohort lasts for 4 months. There is an optional Alumni Program available if Cohort graduates would like to seek continued support and to support future members. The 4-month program consists of a rigorous schedule and requires weekly participation. Members will be tasked with weekly (individual) and monthly (group) assignments in addition to independent project development.

animation-1.gifEducate : We introduce and integrate blockchain resources with your work. Our incubator on-boards super talented individuals and organizations who represent a mix of new and experienced within the blockchain universe.
network-b-sndbox.gifCoach : Our team provides weekly feedback and ongoing consultation. Members are guided with a custom curriculum to effectively learn about new cryptocurrencies and the opportunities surrounding them.
explosion-sndbox.gifEmpower : The incubator provides a network that creatives can harness to empower their craft both professionally and financially. We strongly believe that open-source practice paired with emerging technology can revolutionize the creative and entrepreneurial world.

Membership Fee = 40 SBD (Steem Dollars) per month. This fee is only owed if a member is able to earn it over the course of each individual month. We will never charge an incubator member more than they were able to accrue. Fees are due at the end of each month and reflect membership for the month prior. Learn more about our current membership, here.


New Programming + New Upcoming Syllabus

We’ve learned a lot from our first Cohort (January 1st - June 1st). Through the constructive feedback of our alumni we’re excited to introduce a new and improved 4-month program complete with weekly assignments and community challenges. Each Cohort member will be tasked with collaborating alongside their peers, alumni and the broader cryptocurrency public. Cohort 1 gave us an opportunity to explore what programming worked, and what needed improvement. Looking ahead we’ve created an action-packed syllabus full of cryptocurrency lessons, resources, and industry-wide blockchain discussions with experts and newbies alike.

Apply Now

Click here or below to apply for Cohort 2 (August 1st - December 1st, 2018).

180605 Cohort 2 Graphics-02.png

Please be patient as our team reviews all proposals. You should expect to hear a response (via email) no later than July 30th.

If you're interested in learning more - take a look at our incubator schedule and membership details, here. Also, take a look at our very first introduction post to learn about our mission. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comment section below.


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Updated Membership announcement - follow the link, below:

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Looking forward to new members of the @sndbox family.

On August 1st the Sndbox fam will get a little bit bigger :) we're excited to share some sneak peeks into the programming for Cohort 2 very soon!

New SndBros to the Castle, a Sharping Logo and a Monopolistic Octopus!
Amazing animation and a very clear way to show the concept in which we believe!.

So excited to see all the new quality content we are going to have!

Great times we got in here!


Peace V!

Thank you so much for your support Leo! Glad you like the animation :)

Wow! This is actually what I've expected from our cohort. So cool! Lucky those guys who will be in your team next time. I wish I could apply again :P

P.s. Animations are just awesome! Who is the author?

Thanks so much @dunsky! We worked with an incredible film and animation team based in the USA; Humdinger & Sons.

as i said in the slack...this is how AWESOME looks...i guess i wont share the voluntarily censured version that described my inner feelings...:D

What an incredible hub for innovation on blockchain! Being part of the @sndbox summer quest this past couple of months really allowed me to access my inner creativity and has been the highlight of my steemit experience thus far.

I would highly recommend signing up for the application :)

  • Also, amazing video by the way! Those animations were beautiful...

Whoa, so exciting for the new member in cohort 2. Awesome!

amazing! keep up the great work @sndbox!

A much more exciting members! <3

Fantastic video! A very well piled of information about the team. I'm excited for my nominations. 👌😁

Being part of cohort 1 was an amazing experience on soooo many levels, new Cohort 2 Get Yourself Ready for an Amazing Journey! Guaranteed!!

Weekly and monthly assignments... Looking forward to seeing the new members soon!!!

I'm happy to witness this announcement. Up sndbox!

I am definitely going to apply, but just one question. I am a classical musician, and so I would like to apply for myself, but I would be interested in also applying for the orchestra that I also write for (@musicapoetica). Is it possible to join the application, or is it better to have two separate applications?

i think that if you control more accounts it doesnt change would be part of the group and you could choose whether you want to have your own or your orchestras content supported (since its your project) least thats what i think:) anyway we need some more musicians imo!:)

Great, thanks for the reply! I guess I'll put in an application, no harm in trying!

That video is amazingly well-done. The sndbox account was one of the first accounts that stuck out to me as high quality. You are just consistently good. Every post is beautiful and I appreciate that.

Thank you for the kind words @steemfunder! We had a great time working on it and were lucky to be collaborating with an amazing film and animation team :)

Gosh, how exciting. Joined steemit just after your first cohort began producing some incredible content and it's been amazing to follow the different projects. Wonder what it's like on the other side. I'm going to give it a go.

This is an amazing initiative! Albeit I'm more of a writer, I'll be paying close attention to the buns that will come out of this interesting oven, because I'm sure we'll see some amazing products out of the new cohort.

I think that blockchain has the potential of being a freeing system for many, and you're on the right track, helping people get into this world assisted by experienced users. Thank you for turning your experience into means to turn users' lives around, it takes brave people to give, more than to take. Keep up the good work!


Something to look forward to. Pray hard and Steem on :P

I can't wait to see the new members joining cohort 2! Gonna be a exciting term.

Love the intro animation btw! It's perfect!

Fantastic animation!

I really love the sndbox community and hope to be a member soon :)

Great participate to joining the art

I can see how you guys are making the progress.
Well done guys.
Best wishes.

Wow... This is the best news ever, an opportunity I have long waited for to join this wonderful community, I will surely not miss this golden opportunity for anything. Applying right away.


This is very fun @sndbox

You know what, Today i Got upvote from you, and it was totally unexpected :) I'm working hard to support community around me :) and it really makes you happy when someone came from nowhere and appreciate your work :)
Thank you @sndbox :)

Excelente posts tienes mi voto junto a mi trail.

extraordinary, a very good job @sndbox

Great applications and very distinctive
Great education

You have a great program.

Go this is excellent, taking notes, thanks for sharing!

Great program from your team.
I love what you guys are doing.

Finally I've been waiting for ages to join this program
@sndbox you're all awesome 💜

Hi @sndbox. Whether after I send the application, there will be a task for me?


I want to be member but i dont know how to be.

You got a 40.07% upvote from @upme thanks to @sndbox! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

Woohoo~ exciting! I see the creative juice flowing in the animation and the incubator. =) Best of luck for the applications. Get more creative innovators in!

Since I saw the promotion months ago, I've been working hard to be part of this family @sndbox.

애니메이션 멋지닷!!

Am impressed with this, but i have joined instantly.. Thanks guys

As someone that mainly post pictures and Dtube videos I really don't know if You guys would be interested in having me as part of the community since You mainly focus on Blogging? or am I wrong when it comes to this information?

I was thinking in maybe apply but also I don't want to be sending the request and just add one more person to the list if You guys think that I am not suitable straight away.

What do You guys say?

에니메이션 멋지네요 ! 대단합니다

Excellent so looking....your post

This is amazing! I'm so glad I found this and will definitely be applying very soon. The design team behind Sndbox is amazing and I hope to be able to become as skilled as them :)

@sndbox I am quite interested in the Cohort program you have. Your animations are top-notch, and I would like to know more about this. Glad to see such a neat feature happening on the Steem blockchain :)


Sndbox is a global and diverse network of artists, writers, designers, musicians and non-profit institutions and help members to learn about and earn cryptocurrency to empower innovative projects and creative ideas.

It seems to be fun. Someone who can explain to me about this. Or you can see my profile, is there any potencial for me to join. Can contact me on discord podanrj#0001. Thanks for your help. 🤗

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