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Break Laws Not Hearts


This idea came to me years ago. I wanted to sell my own designs promoting cryptocurrencies. The challenges were: I didn't know how to code, I didn't know how to build a brand, and I didn't know anything about graphic design. After all this time, I built a basic knowledge foundation in each of those areas; further, I've manifested each of those "I don't know how's" into a launched product. It's my distinct pleasure to present to you all Break Laws Not Hearts!

One of the biggest problems with promoting decentralization comes from its inherent lack of marketing. With no CEO or paid marketing team, it's up to us, the users, to promote this free world that most of us envisioned when we first got into crypto.

Burn fiat.
Decentralize governance.
Transact freely and anonymously in an opt-in currency of your choice.




Do great things. Imagine how amazing this world would be if we did them.

Be well, Steem.


Hey, are you on discord? We would love to get these products listed on the upcoming Steemleo Marketplace which will allow our users at to purchase your products with Steem, SBD and our native token, LEO.

Feel free to reach out on discord anytime! It would be great to see these products on there!!

Hey @leo.voter, that would be amazing! Yeah, I'll definitely jump on there. Thank you :)

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