Transfering ETH. Update. Total cost 120 Bucks. This is fucked up.

in #crypto3 years ago

Now my first transaction is stuck because of network congestion and network fees skyrocketing. Stupidly enough i had other transactions afterwards. So now there is a que of transaction on ETH chain, and the first one is blocking the rest of my transactions.
Ok, now i have to pay at least~20 USD just to cancel the first one, so the others can go through. Hopefully..

And then...boom


At least another 59 USD for it to go trough. My ballance on metamask is lower than that, and now i need to make another transaction to transfer ETH to my metamask that would be worth another 50 USD.

So dear Sirs and Madams, a revolutionary economic freedom comes at a price of at least 120 USD per transaction if you are stupid enough to just put in too low of a gas for the first transaction. Nicely done :)
And all i needed to transfer was 100 USD woth of ETH..


That’s insane...I prefer Cardano.

Btw you should start posting again. Things are just getting started here.

It's not like i am not posting on purpose. I just ran out of content since i do not do photography anymore :)
So yeah, i can jump in occasionally and ramble about a thing or too to let the steam off :)

I see. I’m nearly out of mountain photos as well..

Closed because of quarantine? :)

No, just haven't been able to get out as much as usual. So using my August stash still.

I've used it up, even got some heat of reusing some images from post a few years back. Did not know anyone's watching so closely.

I'm sure you will be able to get out again soon :)