I love CryptoKitties and you should too! FREE Kitty Giveaway

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I'm a huge fan of CryptoKitties so I wanted to start a guide to help newbies. This first post is just how to get started. I will be releasing tips and tricks in later posts, so follow me.

Install MetaMask

MetaMask is an ethereum wallet that cryptokitties uses for its transactions. The video below i will explain more.

Send Ether to your MetaMask Wallet

For U.S. citizens only: you are able to purchase ETH directly from the MetaMask wallet using the Coinbase widget. This is more convenient and doesn’t require you to create two accounts.

For everyone else: you need to buy ETH from an exchange using normal fiat currency. Coinbase is the easiest to setup however the choice is ultimately up to you. Copy your MetaMask address but clicking on the ‘...’ then ‘Copy Address to clipboard’. Go to Coinbase and click ‘Accounts’ and select your ETH Wallet and then click ‘send’. Paste the MetaMask address in the box with the amount you’d like to transfer.

Now your ready to start playing. The FAQ section is a great place to learn how everything works. https://www.cryptokitties.co/faq

Hit me up with any questions about Cryptokitties. I will be giving away a FREE CRYPTOKITTY. All you have to do is upvote, comment(with something relevant), and resteem. I will pick one lucky winner later this week. Happy Kitty Trading!


Followed and resteemed this. This new viral game may seem silly at first, but it actually is quite fun! It also goes to show that one can truly create viral dApps on Ethereum, as long as Ethereum scales fast enough...

How many such apps can Ethereum deal with? Five, 20, 1,000? 10,000? Any opinions?

It is currently struggling to manage this game...

It did struggle at first, then the network adjusted by raising the gas price. Ethereum has a few upgrades in the plans for the near future, which would scale the network to be able to handle multitudes more transactions. Also, it will become a POS token, not POW. I think that in about a year, Ethereum should be able to handle thousands of killer dApps like cryptokitties without any issues.

You're right.

I think that higher gas price was a bad idea lol. It nearly killed the game, if it hasn't already. That, and the quick turnarounds for breeding. The system kinda lends itself to the deflation of rare traits prices.

Although, I do wonder if they did that due to predictions of the rise of ETH's value.

I would like to see the ETH network find a way to handle Cryptokitties and still be cheap.

They should have released it on the BitShares blockchain.

Really, Cryptokitties? How much?

Yes, but with ether rises so fast, kitties will become more and more expensive. I don't think many people are willing to spend $100 to buy kitty. Basically the popularity of ether could lead to CryptoKitty's eventual downfall. Is that so?

You know how people are when spending on their cats! lol

Hi @brittuf I am enjoying CryptoKitties as well, I believe it is the perfect example to show the world how useful could blockchain be.

So many questions on how the concept works. You should have a peek into the White Pa-purr, written in a catish-language and clearly, with humor explained - worth the read.

CryptoKitties are digital, collectible cats built on the Ethereum blockchain. They can be bought and sold using ether, and bred to create new cats with exciting traits and varying levels of cuteness.

At launch, 50,000 “Gen 0” cats (colloquially referred to as “Clock Cats”) will be stored in a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. These Clock Cats will be distributed automaticallyvia smart contract at a rate of one cat every 15 minutes. Each cat will be sold by auction.

CryptoKitties are unique in appearance, with a distinct visual appearance (phenotype) determined by its immutable genes (genotype) which are stored in the smart contract. By allowing the cats to breed, they aren’t just a digital collectible. CryptoKitties is an exciting, self-sustaining community where users can create new collectibles and trade them on the ethereum blockchain.

I first saw this on YouTube and I couldn't believe my eyes. I may sign up just to see what it's all about.

It is building a foundation, a solid price base so deal with that bubble blowers !

Thank you for sharing

Great game using ethereum. I went from two to nine cats within a short time.

❤️ @brittuf

Been thinking about how a mini-game like CryptoKitties could be integrated into social network profiles. I'd love to see crypto assets users are raising Neopets style when considering who to follow. Steemit would be a great place to start...

Sounds like a great concept. Joined it. Going to buy some kitties too. It is a bit confusing for me now, but I'm sure I'm going to get the hang of it. Would you please try to post some tutorials about this?

I will. I will also give some tips. Ill try and do 1 per day.

Thanks. Waiting for it :)

Looks fun, I'm interested to get involved with these crypto kitties! Thanks for posting!

How much do the cheapest kitties cost? Will I be able to afford 2 kitties If I only have $50 fiat?

You're missing a few points here.
I'm (like many other on Steem) unknown to this currency.
so it would be great if you shared more detailed information.
So please try to do a detailed post on this currency.
And Good luck woth this new currency ;)

I read somewhere about these kitties. Couldn’t understand what’s these kitties are used for ? Is it like Pokémon ?

Yes. It's crypto collectable. A place to put your investment. If you sell it, or breed to sell more, there is a chance to make more ETH. I haven't figured that part out yet :D

what ?? you can breed them too ? how ?

Cryptokitties- This May Become My New Obsession This is my post. I linked a list of posts from Steemit I found helpful at the bottom. You can also search Cryptokitties in google and there are tons of guides. It really gets complicated when you are trying to breed a special combination.

Very interesting. Did u buy one of those kitties ? I checked out their website, still reluctant to buy one of those kitties.

My friend literally recommended CryptoKitties to me for the first time this morning--weird coincidence since I'd never heard of them before now. Is it weird that I'm mostly interested because kitties are infinitely cuter than doggos?


I followed your instructions! It was very easy to set up the account but my question is:

Which is the better criteria to choose a Cat and buy it? hehe They are all cute and promising-great-investments-cats (;

You want a cat with fast cooldown, low gen 2-7 is decent, and rare traits. For rare trait info go to kittyexplorer.com

Just bought one #YOLO


Choose me as the winner(:

Great post! I love CRYPTOKITTY.

I'll admit I went into thinking no way.... im already signed up and getting my first crypto kitty. Thanks for leading me to this :)

man its costing like $1-$5 USD to do anything on cryptokitty! is there any way to reduce transactions fees?

Its $1-$2 per transaction right now. Thats bc the ethereum network couldnt handle it at first. The fees are pretty much back to normal now. You can still make $100 per day if you play smart!

$100 a day?
How much initial investment required?
I've got 8 Kitties but only a couple of them are worth anything. Looking forward to some tips

You need to be able to afford kitties with rare traits so about 1-2 ethereum

Holy shit. 1-2 ETH is like $1000. I wouldn't spend that on a REAL cat...

that´s like the most expensive cat ever !

@bittrufI know right! I tried looking up heaps of ways to work around it, didn't work too well for me or my transaction fees haha.

hey man thanks for your article and getting me into it too. I gave you and this article a honorable mention. have a look at it at https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@zen-analyst/cryptokitty-free-kitty-giveaways-k

I was wondering if I can post it on one of the top comments or if you could give me a quick mention too?


I’ve been hearing about this since Thanksgiving so I’m going to trust you and give it a try!

I hope you get lucky with your kitties

I like this. The MetaMask wallet is pretty straight forward, and a .20 Etherium transaction at a 21 gas rate went through in under 5 minutes.

Getting ready to buy my first Kitty...wish me luck!!

Just when I thought I was understanding crypto, this happened. I love cats and crypto but this is sooo weird haha

I just got into these crazy kitties last week, and now I have 7 :P

I've been having fun, and it's been a great way to get my kids into crypto!

I hope that this game will survive like Pokemon Trading Cards.
I have few (not special at all) kitties and they will be hodling for few years (or to the last day of life cycle of this production)

I would love myself a kitty :) Since I don't have one in real life...

I actually was looking to get one of these, but I still don't know exactly whats going on at all. I watch a tone of videos but still can't grasp what is going on.


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This is purrrrrfect :)

I've been doing a bunch of cryptokitties stuff. I know people don't seem to get the point, and the game itself is crap. Thing is, look at neopets. People pay actual cash for neopets accounts, even. At least in this situation, there's a clear point. It's playing around with Ethereum, but without actually thinking about it as abstracted fiat (like people tend to now).

Lovely, please am new here a need Followers please

I wanted to get in crypto since 2013, but the fall of Mt.Gox drove me away...
Cryptokitties finally got me to get back in and I love it!

So if you buy two cheap kitties.. mate them.. create new kitties to sell.. is that the best way to begin?? I have so many questions before I commit :)

Thank you for the information. Any bit of knowledge is worth a gold for a newbie like me ^.^


Thanks for sharing information .

I am really interested in Cryptokitties~! Great post~ Thank you so much~!

I think the cryptokitties are just the beginning . I hope soon we will have open world RPGs with blockchain based inventories

I gave two pixel clone kitties some privacy and you'll never believe what they produced! Read my post to find out:

Cryptokitties are so cool. Can't believe how expensive some of them are. Would be happy to win a free one :)

I would love to have a kitty :)

Yeah Crypto kitties, Did any of you sell your kitties yet? I'v seen lots op peoples buys kitties but i'v never seen someone who actually sold there kittie.. But anyway the most part is fun en learning about crypto's i guess! Ow yeah, and if some one would buy my kittie, that would me awesome!

dear friends..... I love CryptoKitties and you

Soooooo glad this is on trending, cryptokitties is a revolutionary game for the ethereum/blockchain community let alone the cryptocurrency community as a whole! Great to see such a simplistic idea turn into a fun game. :)

i still don't get it is it a game or what exactly

is metamask is called cryptokitties ? I have heard of metamask but I am directly using from etherdelta.. recently got into crypto and just bought my first ERC20 coin at etherdelta!

No cryptokitties is a game that is played using ethereum and metamask is an ethereum wallet

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I kind of really want to play this game, but I can't help but feel like it's just going to be a giant hole you throw money in. LOL

At the end of the day its good fun

They should make it more pokemon-ish and it would be a fantastic game.

Your post is very nice

Saddest moment of my life...

I created myself an account, setup MetaMask, and somehow I convinced myself that I would start out with a kitty (mistakenly), but alas, all I was left with was a lot of kitten love, and no kitten in sight to share it with... ;(

follow me and keep commenting. You just might get one for free.

That's what I intend to do, and thank you for the tips. :)

Upvoted / Commented and Resteemd :)

I love Crypto Kitties

and I have 4 of them in Real Life too

Be it virtual or be it real Kitties are Pure Love

my Kitty wallet addresss


Thank you :)

plz sorry its just my think BTC price trend is due more a type of first world pre-capital-flight than transactional use and this is driving in-flows from the West...remembering that the USA and the West in general is only a fraction of the BTC market, and it is possible to overestimate the extent to which the overall price mechanism (which is emotion leading to thought leading to action buy/sell/hodl) is weighted heavily to what the USA's Wall Street structures / players do or don't do...I think traditional Wall Street (along with the City etc) underestimate the in-flow drivers from the rest of the world, and don't really get that the trading / asset framework and use is only a tiny % of what informs (& increasingly informs) the (global) base price momentum...

interesting times we live in. Who would of thought the tamagotchi would be reborn in a whole lot of dollars$$ I heard some expensive rare kitties among the litter?

I loved the concept of crypto kitties as these open doors to great innovation ahead in crypto industry....I can no doubt say crypto kitty is Pokemon go of block chain and people are just loving it .....this article gives you all the insights of how to buy a crypto kitty and make a metamask account....I will just add on to it with a pro tip- never mail your private key to yourself just save it in a USB drive to prevent it from getting stolen.

And also upvote, resteemed and replied twice

I want cryptokitties ! Would you know how much is the cheapest price? Thank you @brittuf! Resteemed!

I finde crypto kittens super dumb. I mean what is the point? It is not even a game, as far as i understand. It is just having digital collectables. Can someone explain where is the fun in that? And spending hard earned cash on it. Ihave 8 cats. I have 12 cats. I have rare cats. Who cares? No offence guys, obviosly u guys seem very interested in this so called game but i dont get it.

I love kitties! ❤️😊

Not really interested in the free crypto kitty, but it's interesting to read about this ridiculous craze.

You got my upvote.

I wanted to buy a few kitties yesterday but when I saw the price I was just confused.

kitty my kitty my pretty white kitty
why did you scamper away
i finished my work and my lessons
now i am ready to play!!!

Following! I did see the CrytoKitties a while back, but haven't really bought a kittie yet. I almost fell down when i saw some of the ETH selling prices.

But still great concept and execution. Looking forward how this lasts and if they add other functions - feeding, grooming... haha..

anyone else stuck at "Connecting to Main Ethereum Network"?

This needs to go in order for ethereum to really push.

because I love kitties 🐈

Thanks for sharing, I will look into this!

Cool idea! I have just started with 2 kittens. I am happy to lend my newest kitten out to help someone get started- I just ask for 2 kittens in return, within 5 days of receiving.
Message or reply to this post- and let's start trading!


I joined the craze too! The Metamask takes some getting used to, so patience is needed. Don't buy the first cheapest kitty you see! Take some time to familiarize yourself with the site and you will be on your way to managing your own virtual kitty box!

No crime in trying.Lets go there

Thanks for sharing. Still not completely sure about how these kitties work but I'll take a look through the FAQs and get back with any questions.

the game is very good, it hurts that the breed went down which caused the price of the cats to fall.

Many people lost money, since they were breed of cats at 10 dollars and did not reach to sell them.

In the same way cats are cute and the game is entertaining

I leave my address in case I win the kittie.


crypto kitty is great !!

I have been following this cryptokitty trend too @brittuf ! I recently purchased my first one, it is definitely a fun and exciting service! I certainly wouldn't mind winning a kitty, either ;)

I got two kitties during the weekend, but with ether rises like crazy, I don't think I want to get another. Can't they switch the game to another more affordable platform?

if you have 2 breed em

I checked after your suggestion. My two kitties are parent - offspring pair, so are not allowed.

This game is definitely something! I'm looking forward to how it develops! :)

Thanks for the opportunity to win a Cryptokitty! They are so cool! I love them all!

Wow thank u for sharing this :) I will bay myself a kitty also :)

Ok, let's try to know a CryptoKitty closer and maybe mix the blockchains to see what happens =・ω・=

Lol... I sold all my ether last night... To be honest, I only held ether for about 3 minutes while I converted it to another currency. :P

I don't really understand this game and have already lost a lot of money in fees have documented my experience think 1/2 my money went on fees €20 just for fees

CRYPTOKITTY sounds amazing! I can’t wait to get started. Thank you for helping us Newbies, I appreciate it. I upvoted, commented and resteemed as required:D

Can someone please explain the whole crypto kitty thing thanks!

Yeah, Cryptokitties really shows the power of the Etherium network. I am looking forward to more games like it. Hopefully, someone can get licensing for something like this with a big name like Pokemon. That would be interesting.

Also, I want that free kitty. :)

Awesome that you're giving one away, and thanks for introducing people to the easiest way to get one.
I wish you had covered a bit more about them though.

Do you think that crypto kitties will be something profitable in the future? or is it something temporary or fashionable? I think it's a boom of the moment but if I wanted it to come to stay (PARTICIPATION)

Thanks for sharing this information with us! I think it's really helpful. I've been reading all about cryptokitties these days and I can't wait until I finally get my first one haha <3

I heard about these about a week ago and it seems to be rocketing.. but so is ETH.. it's mooning over $600 this evening on coinmarketcap.. guess that means more CRYPTOKITTYs per ETH potentially. I'd love to win a free cryptokitty to learn more about Kitty Trading... thanks for sharing.

I just bought some bitcoin...I have been lagging! Wish I would have bought in sooner..oh well! I am figuring it all out now. I love the concept of cryptokitties! I am learning all I can about diversifying my portfolio. I will follow your advice. Thanks for sharing.

I was messing around with this app not long ago. Glad to see that more people are interested.

Excellent blog.


Love it! Cryptokitties really are cool because of the tech it uses. Paving the way to a new way of thinking. Super interesting!


반갑습니다 잘보고 갑니다 ^^

All that I think everyone should be aware is that, with such high traffic and gaz prices, you will spend quite a bit on fees. Fees for selling, buying, breeding.
Basically everything