The markets are red πŸ“‰ What have I bought now? πŸ€”

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Hey everyone,

May 2022 has been a pretty bad month for the crypto community so far: Prices have been gone down like crazy and a lot of people have serious crypto fear these days. If I'm completely honest all this affects me as well but I always try to remember that I'm in for the long run. So instead of panic selling everything I even bought some tokens. Here's what I've bought today πŸ‘‡




Terra ($LUNA) is a project I never heard of before today and to be honest I also don't know much about it. The coin went up from around $1 in the beginning of 2021 to over $100 in March of this year. But in the last days the coin went down to ~ $0.03!!! It seems like a good project so I'm not sure why it crashed like that.



Although the chances are pretty high I will lose money on this coin I bought ~ 500 LUNA for a bit over $17. It's mostly just a little high risk "bet" - if I lose the 17 bucks I wouldn't really care but maybe LUNA get up a bit again which would be insane for me :D


Although I missed the big hype of Shiba Inu I thought now would be a good time to buy some. $0.0000105 is a great price, now we're almost as low as we were before one of the big spikes in 2021. I don't expect Shiba Inu to explode from now on but I still bought 1,921,234 SHIB to be part of the action πŸ˜…


I've bought most of my HIVE for about 1 Dollar per coin which was a good price back in the days after it has been to ~ 3 Dollar a couple of weeks before that. Now HIVE is worth < $0.40 so it seemed like a perfect time to buy some more. That's why today I also bought 975 HIVE (306 were traded for STARBITS though) and I also staked those HIVE which means I'm getting closer to 3,000 HP πŸ₯³
I still believe 100% in Hive that's why I had no doubt about this decision!



Rising Stars is a great game I play for quite a while now and I always considered buying 1,000,000 STARBITS to become a millionair & get the Starbits Millionaire card. Now I finally fulfilled this dream and bought the ~ 865,000 STARBITS I still needed for about 309 HIVE. I know that's a lot but I hope it will pay off and I love to keep supporting the game & its community 😍

What do you think about my trades? Smart? Stupid? Let me know in the comments down below πŸ‘‡

Thanks for reading and take care in these wild times!

Cheers ✌

PS: No financial advice πŸ˜‰

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there is still hope for luna to get back to its feet...dont give up all will be well soon..looking forward to see more of you here on listnerds

I don't know man, seems pretty dead to me right now. But who knows πŸ˜…

Well done. I would have bought in the dip too. I would have gone majority HIVE, then perhaps some BTC and ETH. I'm kinda simple that way, lol.

Well, those are solid coins but I like to buy some more risky ones from time to time as well. Haven't been to lucky with those though !LOL

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I totally get that and if I had more cashflow available, I'd likely also try my luck on riskier ones.

I don't see what stupid here at all, you made an awesome move to buy the dip... There is almost 90% chances that all of these coins would go back up again, just my thoughts though.

Congrats on buying this much, keep holding 😊

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I hope we will see rising prices again soon. Thanks for your nice comment !LUV

Yeah, we will soon πŸ™‚

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Nice ones. I also bought Hive today, had to. It's bargain. Terra has been now halted but I also bought with few dollars before the end. Not sure whats gonna happen to those since they are left in dex.

Great to see other crypto enthusiasts buy as well. Today prices are actually a bit (just a bit though) better but LUNA seems dead now - Well it was worth a try haha !LOL

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Nice, i like that you are keeping your focus on just 3 tokens instead of buying the whole market.

I like to diversify my assets but from time to time I tend to just buy a few of my favorite coins πŸ˜…


Buying the dip is not a bad idea. For Luna - we shall see what happens. Crypto surprises us all the time. Nice post.

Exactly, you never know for sure. But looking back I think I should've spend those $17 on HIVE as well.

Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment πŸ™‚

Funny I bought some Luna too. The LUNAcy!!
I thought thereafter that it would have been better spent to boost my hive power.

I still believe 100% in Hive that's why I had no doubt about this decision!

Congrats on your HIVE purchase!

Soon you will reach that 3,000 HP goal!



That's the plan πŸ˜€

Thanks for your kind comment !LUV

My pleasure! 😊



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congrats on the millionaire card, i am also working on unlocking level 50 so i can purchase the starbits needed to earn the card...

Yeah, lvl 50 is not easy. It took me more than 6 months I guess to get there but I'm sure it'll be worth it :D

well! this time is really bearish but i believed that things will get normal.

Let's hope so 🀞

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I am not sure Luna will recover. I read earlier today that is getting dropped from Binance. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, I agree. I still had a super small hope yesterday but I think the coin is dead by now. Thanks for reading ☺️