Got a laugh out of r/Dogecoin today

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I assumed everyone realised that Cryptos are tied to Bitcoin, as this is a pretty well known thing within the crypto space, but today I saw this and couldn't help but chuckle, over 1000 people agree (or didn't read it) that the market is manipulated because cryptos are all correlated (at least mostly).

It's just interesting to see this, I think it's actually quite worrying as you'd hope people in crypto had a basic understanding of how this space works. I'm not saying there's no market manipulation in crypto, it certainly exists, but this is not proof of it, this is just how this market works.


So the ocean is manipulated by the moon haha and that makes all the tide water go up and down at same time too lol

And reptillians on the moon also manipulate our finance markets hahahaha

It's all about destroying the moon for fucks sake

Blow up the moon

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Insightful as always, ackza! I haven't seen you round in a while. You keeping good?