Great opportunity on the line new exchange lunch and unique ecosystem project!

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Hello, everyone!
A unique project with a very good ecosystem.
Exchange platform which is officially launching today.

Only upon registration, you receive 50 k Tokens.
Only for the last 4 days is x4 in value.
You can register Here for free tokens.

If you want you can buy tokens through kucoin exchange too.
Here is a link to register Here


I’ve been following this project from the end of January..
They really have a great ecosystem build around it.
Disclaimer: Not a financial advice I’m just sharing my personal investments with you!


Wow kick. What is your prediction to kick future price, is there any chance to 1 USD each?

I hope it may reach a $ in a near future with the next bull run of crypto.
And also if the exchange attracts a lot of users.
So far I know they've been working on a lot of legal issues about everything so they can make everything to the right to the laws of trading crypto.
You can check the entire project on their ecosystem page.

Wow, that's an instant and free 50,000 bucks.

I registered but I didn’t get free 50k tokens 😤


Kucoin is the exchange.
You have to register via the link-up there to kick ecosystem, not to the exchange :)

I've registered, seem to have gotten the 50k but do you know when the exchange will be launched in order to use the KICK coins?


Exchange ran officially 3 days ago.
You can find it here:

There are some restrictions and regulations about the frozen drop that I`m not familiar with fully you can check about it somewhere on the network...

Hahaha even though did not read this 6 days ago but im glad found it on on othet social media.

The project is really good ;)