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Time for an update!

Gath3r Prizes

As many of you have noticed, the Gath3r IEO has been delayed. This also means a delay for the prize payout.

The IEO looks to be delayed until October.

We understand that for many of you this is an unacceptable amount of time. Fortunately every time we start an event we keep a reserve of funds in case something like this happens. The prize pool equivalent was reserved on the day of launch, June 17th in STEEM.

Therefore instead of waiting until October you have been paid in STEEM now!

We do apologize for the delay in communication as we were trying to see if there was a way to get the tokens unlocked earlier.

At we take extreme pride in being fair to our amazing writers as well as sponsors.

More Events!

Our team has been working extremely hard on ensuring that our platform is ready for prime time as we are bringing in quite a few new projects.

Expect an event coming up very soon as well, so make sure to check our Steemit blog regularly, or alternatively register on to be notified of new events by email!

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Thank you so much, This payout was such a nice surprise for me

Thank you very much for appearing and giving an explanation, and above all things to solve the delay.
Congratulations to all the writers who won in this contest.
I am very happy with my reward, thank you very much for taking into account the investment of time we do to promote these contests and the different topics they handle.
Waiting for a next contest!!!

Thank you for giving the prize in STEEM.

I have a question:-
I can see that in cateredcontent website there is a contest showing in the past event Harmony whose end date is 23rd Aug but it is showing as a past event and also showing the status as "winner being determined". I think I have missed that event. But then why is it showing that the end date is 23rd Aug? Is that typo error.

23rd Aug last year, @milaan.... Maybe..

Greetings friends of @cateredcontent thank you very much for the award received on steem. But, I wish you could clarify some doubts.

The total prize of the contest was 60,000 GTH equivalent to 1200 USD. I obtained a prize of 2,000 GTH that is equivalent to 40 USD, however I received a total of 104,524 STEEM (95 + 4,762 + 4,762) that is equivalent to approximately 21 USD. Are you going to make another payment in the future? Can you make the publication and award of the Gth3r contest appear again in past events of your website? Waiting for your response, regards

Hi autinf,

The funds were reserved for 1200 USD at the time the event begun, which was June 17th. Thus the prize pools reflects the STEEM price at the time.

Since this project's IEO was delayed, we decided to use those reserve funds to pay out our users.

When the IEO is complete and the tokens are unlocked we will revisit this topic and take your comment into consideration.

For the time being, our goal was to just make sure that our users are treated fairly and receive their respective prizes.

Thank you very much for answering.

And completely satisfied by your response, very kind.
Waiting for the IEO to be completed very soon.

Thanks again, a big hug.