CryptoStache returns to Hive after 3 years... Here's why.

in #crypto4 months ago

I was reminded today how amazing this community and this decentralized social media is.

I was reminded of the friends I made here in the early years of 2017, when this space was full of those that would fight for what they believe in.

I was reminded that Hive is one of the most slept on blockchains in the industry.

I was reminded that even though I have not posted for 3 years, this great community would welcome me back with open arms.

My life, as well as this ecosystem, have changed significantly in the last three years and while I have not posted here in that time, the fact that this shining beacon still thrives no matter what happens in crypto is a testament to the resilience of the community.

I will be posting all my content here from now on and want to find creative and fun ways to put the spotlight on Hive moving forward.

Open to all suggestions or people that want to help support.


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There he is, welcome back! :D

Lovely words mate <3

If you want some curation and onboarding help with your community I remember you having, I think it would grow relatively quick. I can hit you up on dm's on X with the info on how it'd flow, it wouldn't require you to do much. I run quite a few communities and even kickstarted the Gods Unchained one many years ago which still is somewhat alive even though not as active any longer. Yours involving nft's or if you want to rename it to something web3 gaming related would do really well!

Great to see people coming back over to Hive. Regarding Community setup, is there much involved there and what are the steps as I'd like to set up a Community for #ThreeTuneTuesday and hopefully attract some support from your OCDB and others.

We have a channel in the ocd discord for applications to incubate communities, but by the sound of it if it's a music related community we unfortunately got too many similar ones incubated and would be looking for more diverse ones.

Hey man, thanks for coming back with the helpful comment, I totally understand if you guys are already curating lots of music posts, no worries at all.

It's good to know that there are people who post less frequently than me ;-)

There are several in that category, for now ;)

That's dope! You are on my short list of Web3 OGs. That was really cool to see this was the first post that loaded when I logged in. NICE!!! Although I'm "new" on HIVE I have to say welcome back!

Mate.... I can grow a stash like that in 2 months... a real one!

The stache with this one is strong! (too strong in fact, for my liking) 😂

Welcome back to the best true decentralized blockchain world on the internet!


Does this mean we need to start thinking about retention at 2-3 years timeframes? 😅

Smart man!
Welcome back... good timing because things really seem to be heating up on-chain.
Only a matter of time until HIVE generates some hype throughout the greater crypto-realm!

Hey, welcome back!
Hive is strong, more powerful than ever, and it feels nice to have people return :)

It's the only sane decision in current circumstances. The next would be to cancel the power down. Welcome back.


He already canceled the powerdown.

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Hello Mr Stache.

Where are you dipping your toes into on the Hive ecosystem, stalwarts like Splinterlands, recent stars like Golem Overlord, or over the horizon projects like Zing ?


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I've seen a few of your videos on YouTube, your content is quite straightforward and informative; which is just what we noobs need. Now, how surprised am I to know that you were a part of Hive 3 years ago? Damn!

Welcome back. 🍻

Oh I was a part of Hive (steemit) since 2017 and was super active here for years.

Good to hear, man! Let's now start afresh.

Hoping to see a lot more content from you, both on Hive and YouTube. Cheers 🍻

Welcome back from one of the grimfolks who got you into the cage :)

Yo cryptostache! Good to see ya make the triumphant return :)

Let us know how we can help!

Welcome back to the community, your beautiful words above prove that, there can only be one true #hive.

Welcome back @cryptostache

The potential for Hive is massive as you know and these next few months are pivotal in my opinion. With Bitcoin soaring and Crypto making a big comeback, surely many will see the benefits for smaller posters to make a living by blogging, gaming, interacting.

Yooo, welcome back and welcome to the Hive family.

Love to read more from your stuff and feel free to contact, connect or party somewhere at the HiveFest or Hive Events.


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Hey! Welcome back!

I've seen you on X. Good to have you here!

Welcome back. Hope to see what your next post will contain. You are loved!

Welcome back❤️
Hope you can onboard more folks on Hive🦾

Great move and welcome back to Hive, I am glad to see you here after 3 good years,wow, that is amazing

Cheers on making your way back to Hive.

Welcome back to Hive.
I'm sure you might have done all the catching up. Do take a look at Splinterlands. It's one of the oldest Web3 game on Hive. Still going strong.

Been playing it since it was Steem Monsters!

Awesome. Really good to hear that. I am getting more and more bullish on crypto in general because of how things are lining up.
Hope you stay and enjoy here on the Hive ecosystem.

I am really glad to see you back to the platform and trust me you have really been missed

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I had to idea you had been on Hive, I only watched your videos on YT.
I have been active here since 2018 and somehow never crossed paths.
Let's make you not leave this time! 🔥

Added you to my curation trail on @marcocasario @keys-defender etc


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So what were the main reasons to return and how come you have been away for so long? I sometimes miss posting in Hive but I feel like a looser.

Welcome back!

Welcome back Stache! The Bull market is here and there's lots to go over and share!

Welcome back STASH glad you found your way home!

Welcome back old fellow, @cryptostache, i also came back here after two years, and i am in love with this community already and i am sure you will fall in love with us for sure.

Don't know who you are, but that stache is it real? I'd love to grow one myself. I tried to but can't maintain it because I will cut something off. So I am without stache. Keep up the nice stache bro.

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