Selling some of my Swift Demand

in #crypto4 years ago

This is an awesome project designed to provide a world wide income for millions of people. Soon the network will go live and have a big run up in value, and I expect that could be around 4 - 10 cents per coin.

At the moment I am hodling a heap of this coin and seeing as I got most if it for free, I reckon it is only fair to pass on some of the value to a few other people.

You can make me an offer at a level that suits you and I will send you a parcel to get you started. Swift Demand gives you / me everyone 100 tokens per day and this will help you keep increasing your value.

I reckon you can swap me any crypto you want and I will consider how much to give you to get you started.

I am leaving Steemit soon , as this place is dead, the amount of control a few people have here has destroyed the dream that this network could have made it as a replacement for facebook.

Tell me what you reckon, I would be amazed if anyone replies.

Love you all. DAVID IMG_7538.JPG