My Opinion On NEXO Dividend, Credit Card, and Token Price

in #crypto4 years ago

I don't like to argue as arguing is such a waste of time and energy. It's clear that most people invested/involve/gambling on crypto are impatience people. Maybe that is why we see the same Tweets every single day, not only on NEXO, but on different projects: "When this?", "When that", etc. With that say on this Post I will simple share my opinion on Nexo: Working product, highly profitable company, earn interest, take out loans, dividends, new exchange etc.... wHeN sECond dIVIdenD?!!?

Why do people care so much about HitBTC?, it is a shady exchange. They have stole funds from a lot of people and do obvious pump and dump. Both, Hotbit and Houbi are way better exchanges than Hitbtc,

When Binance???, Binance can't list NEXO because NEXO is a security. Only way it might happen is when Binance DEX is live and that is if Binance wants to do so. In the future Coinbase and similar platforms that have the proper licenses to list security Tokens might list it as well, once again if they decided to do so.

NEXO did say monthly dividend during ICO/Whitepaper, but lets be realistic; which company actually do that?, This is crypto, shit happens, maybe that was their initial intention and then they realized: "Oh shit we wont be able to do monthly dividends, but lets keep on building.", even if dividends are pay every 3-6 months or once per year the money that you will get, whenever you get it, based on your Tokens will be the same.

If that is such a hard thing for you to understand or is you believe NEXO is shady yada yada go ahead and market sell your holdings. Crying about it every day on Reddit posts, Twitter's Tweet, and Telegram won't give you monthly dividends.

But they delayed the credit card!, so?, Don't companies delayed stuff all the time?, and once again, this is crypto, projects have delays 24/7. Credit card will happen whenever it happens. Do you think they can just say "Abracadabra" and get the licenses and all the things that they need to be able to have a credit card magically appear?, sorry but that is not how things work in this World, maybe on Harry Potter's it does work like that, but not here.

Be glad that during this almost ending bear market it's have maintain NEXO Token's price when compare to other altcoins/Tokens, heck sometimes I regretted not going all in during the PRE ICO like a friend advised me to, instead of just holding Bitcoin and other alts like the big noob that I am 🙂.

That ends my "rant". If I'm wrong let me know with a comment and let me hear your thoughts on why I'm such an idiot etc. Thank you for reading me.

TLDR, if you are in NEXO to get rich quick better sell now 🙃