Jeff Berwick - Has Liberty Died in the USSA?

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Jeff is interviewed by Danny Sessom for The Crypto Show at Libertopia. Topics include: police and safety in Mexico, people disconnecting from politics, the massive growth of Anarchapulco, under attendance at freedom events in the USA, a weird feeling about the US, exciting news about the Liberland project, the cryptocurrency lifestyle, the Venezuelan Petro coin, Dash crypto growing strong, EOS a next level project, EOS block producers, The Crypto Show's growth.

Original interview by The Crypto Show:

Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
Anarchapulco 2019 tickets now available at:


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LOL, Nobody knows what's going on in the USA anymore. I think the disconnection you describe is a direct result of mass intoxication.

Thanks for everything you've done Jeff!
You're a great leader in this space

Talking about doing something -

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Total Agreed with your view point. Politicians are just considered about their power and money. We need the rise up and tell them we elect them to serve our need and not the other way around

That is great dtube post

🙋 🙋🙋 Hello friend, greetings from Venezuela, your post is very good, and I will be contributing with my vote, greetings from your friend @manduto...

This is laughable given that I applied for a green card to go and live in the US.

I do appreciate the healthy dose of cynicism you are attaching to the American libertarian "movement", but let's be fair about it. Adam Kokesh will be "carpet bombing" New Orleans with his "Freedom!" book in late June. Let's see what happens as a result before we bury any coffins just yet.

not entirely. Despite attacks, the First and Second Amendment still stand strong. We must remain forever vigilant though

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WOW, very interesting, i would like to know everything about the Dash an others Crypto, sound good.

Sound advice again thanks Jeff. Yep I've always had a feeling about DASH I think it's going big places 💯🐒

Great interview guys. I'm seeing folks "checking out" around here too. Not sure what this indicates or what to do about it except try to stay engaged myself.