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Every day talk about blochain, virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies and bitcoin turns out to be a fairly common theme in our society, many think that these could be the evolution of money.

It is very important to know and understand how the world of cryptocurrency works since it is a very relevant advance in the digital era that has revolutionized the market; That is why we want to obtain new knowledge about future platforms that offer a quality service and that can meet the expectations of all users.

On this occasion, IONChain intends to provide the basic information about the new platform whose purpose is to fill the gap in the market and grow with the need of companies worldwide, based on a large scale and distributable system.

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IONChain is the new basic IoT platform based on Blockchain, which seeks to unify a variety of terms that focus mainly on security, flow, commerce and IoT data criteria, which will offer large scale and distributable systems , which have the advantage of scalability. This will allow IonChain to overcome within the market and grow with the need of companies worldwide.

IONChain maintains a wide distribution network with the capacity to increase exponentially on the future challenges of the blockchain, maintaining as a company brand the value of security, speed and decentralization; while acting in a comprehensive manner in the IONC on all future operations.

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IONChain system

  1. Intelligent contracts: this is facilitated through the Ethereum Virtual Machine, currently the most used in the cryptocurrency market.

  2. Transactions inside and outside the chain: it is accommodated at the moment in which the transactions access the information that is not within the chain of blocks. The specific data of the contract can be fragmented according to the needs.

  3. Account management allows access to all fragments of an account. Users can manage a main account that contains the user's address or through a secondary account that manages all other user's addresses in a fragment. The main account option will be used primarily and then moved temporarily to an address in a second account if required, and the remaining balance in the secondary account will be moved back to the main account.


The main key for IonChain is the development of cross transactions without problems, with the purpose of providing and satisfying users with a quality experience (QoE) within an ecosystem driven by incentives.

• The IonChain network has been designed with scalability in mind.
• Horizontal scalability is a network that executes each node as a complete node, this allows an optimal level of security against attacks and computer hacking typical of the common block chains.
• The network is easy to use, providing a high level of security that allows public participation with the possibility of linking miners with a lower level.

IONChain acts to improve scalability and maintain adequate security levels. Using an elastic fragmentation layer in the block chain, where the smallest fragments will be listed within the layers and as the number of fragments increases the ability to process them at the same time, which will increase the capacity of the system. The network contains a base string that will confirm all fragmented blockchain blocks, but will not process any transactions. It will also have a level of difficulty that will prevent someone from reversing a transaction, since it would not be economically efficient. The platform is designed to support additional fragments that can process subsets of transactions independently.

IONChain is the most decentralized network compared to other block chain systems, the security level is increased with 50% of the hash power allocation in the base chain. Sharding technology allows the ability to increase according to the number of transactions that are processed, optimizing time with ease which will benefit the network to expand as necessary without compromising time or efficiency, creating a higher level of decentralization than a normal blockchain maintaining security with 50% of the hash power in the base chain.


IONChain token

The token he uses is IONC ERC-20 based on the Ethereum block system.

The sale took place in two stages. The pre-sale was made from June 6 to 13, 2018 (course 1 ETH = 150,000 IONC), and the public sale took place from July 4 to July 11, 2018.

  • Total number of tokens is one billion;
  • Number of tokens for ICO is 200 million;
  • Soft top - 1 600 ETH;
  • Hard cover - 1 600 ETH;
  • The minimum investment size is 1 ETH;
  • Maximum investment amount - not specified;
  • Accepted coins - ETH;
  • Course - 1 ETH = 125,000 IONC.

Distribution of tokens:


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IONChain Use-Case


By embedding the IONChain protocol in diverse IoT devices from different manufacturers and industries a plethora of dAPPs can be built to help facilitate the optimization of these devices.
Think of the exchange of data between your air-conditioning and a smart lock. Allowing the air-conditioning to turn on automatically when you enter your building. All IONChain Connected devices can be programmed to execute actions dependant on the data received from other IONChain Connected devices. This can be applied with multiple devices. The more manufacturers implement the IONChain protocol in their devices, the more possibilities there are for automatizing their operation in relation to each other through dAPPs. IONChain has already partnered with several large IoT producers and aims to unify these manufacturers by incentivizing them to use the protocol by creating revenue in the IONChain ecosystem. Correspondingly, IONChain users are also incentivized to use IONChain Connected devices over traditional smart devices by the reward distributed to them in exchange for data mining. The more useful the data is (the more dAPPs are using it) the more IONC can be mined.



By using innovative algorithms, IonChain can connect nodes of any size and any type. This offers advantage over the use of any device to mine and generate revenue. The network allows the stratification of value creation and transfer costs using unique algorithms.
In the future, when billions of IoT devices conform to a single network and guarantee the creation and transfer of value, the value of things on the Internet will be projected spectacularly. The authors of the project have established a cooperation agreement with several of the main manufacturers of these devices in China. allowing, jointly develop new devices based on the needs and capabilities of the IonChain network.

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