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An unexpected event for the cryptocurrency market occurred in June 2011. The value of Bitcoin was drastically reduced to a penny in the bush. , the fact was the product of the work of Gox, a hacker who violated the security of the system and transferred enormous amounts of Bitcoins among themselves. through software to sell these Bitcoins, the incident caused a tension in the system and the value of the currency was reduced significantly. the situation was controlled with time, but the damage was done.

This was the beginning of many attacks of this type to interfere in the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Only last year the exchanges of cryptocurrencies lost $ 266 million from these violations. Experts say that the number of violations, as millionaire losses will increase over time.

These exchanges are riddled with manipulations such as counterfeiting and laundering that affect the industry world when making exchanges which leads to the loss of money, and this is responsible for generating a complicated situation when it comes to solving the problem that due to the lack of regulation, that makes the market more unstable.

It is for this reason that ONAM has designed the project of this platform in order to meet the needs and provide a secure system for users, today it is possible to maintain the hope of growing in the world of cryptographic exchange by applying all the necessary tools, for achieve wonderful results, taking into account that the digital world is the future.

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ONAM is a compatible, scalable, innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform with advanced security tools that is initiating a new era of standardization in the commerce of digital assets by emphasizing compliance, security and ease of use; committed to its mission and directed by professionals who are ready to take crypto exchanges.

ONAM , wants to solve the deficiencies and other problems that the competitors face to create a scalable and transparent exchange that is capable of handling the future massive adoption.

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The platform offers the advantage of having a high level of security based specifically through machine learning. The developers of this initiative say that with this platform money laundering will decrease and it gives great importance to stop the manipulation of the market and be scalable.

It is necessary to have tokens for the use of the platform in order that users can benefit from the savings in commercial rates and unlock commercial alerts and market analysis tools. Onam offer an innovative way to standardize digital assets.

The platform brings together a series of tools that ensure transparency in its process using its modular system of UI allowing to improve the efficiency of the merchants.


  • Security: ONAM has its own advanced prevention systems, along with DDoS mitigation, 2FA solutions and anti-phishing solutions. The systems are automatically driven to identify irregular activities that may harm the users' accounts, therefore the system is protected by encrypted databases.

  • Scalability: manages "10 million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanoseconds" it is clear that ONAM surpasses all competition in terms of speed and efficiency on transactions.

  • Transparency: it is guaranteed through market surveillance in real time and a compliance system responsible for examining the network of irregular activities in which types of trade are monitored to generate reports of suspicious activities for the regulators of the system.

  • Customer service: The customer assistance will be online through a chats of different languages ​​where the most common problems will be addressed in 15 minutes through the support ticket system. You can also count on a telephone support that will be offered within the first 6 months of the launch.

  • Liquidity: it will be possible to attract talented market makers, miners and merchants so that they are motivated to participate in their network and have the assurance that all market manipulation problems will be fought through the registration of multiple book orders exchanges.

  • Compliance: SEC handles information that almost all token problems are due to vulnerable and security system failures. This results in multiple inconvenience of subpoenas on the companies that launch ICOs. It is necessary to have a license to initiate public offers and all the main legal representatives of ONAM are aware of the latest positions regarding the SEC as well as the opinions on the OIC.

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These are the 25 coins and tokens that ONAM will support to trade for the launch of exchanges, it is estimated that this list of currencies will be expanded before the launch of exchange.


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This is the ONAM roadmap, which is committed to meet the objectives that have been established to meet the needs of the compenetrated users with the cryptographic world for a truly scalable, compatible and secure exchange.



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The sale will be available from October 1 until December 1 or until the existence is exhausted, that chip that has not been sold will be destroyed.
All Crowdsale participants must first pass KYC and AML verification before claiming their tokens.

Below is the schedule and plans of the company in the sale of chips:

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Ticker: ONAM / Platform: Ethereum / Contract: ERC20 / Price: 1 ONAM = 0.08 USD / Token supply: 195,000,000 / Acceptance: BTC, ETH / Soft and hard cap: 2,500,000 USD and 15,600,000USD / Country: Virgin Islands / Restricted: Iraq, Iran, China, North Korea, USA UU.


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ONAM Exchange has begun an era of standardization in the commerce of digital assets by applying regulation to guarantee compliance, security, transparency and ease of use, ONAM has encrypted databases with the capacity to handle the future massive adoption characterized by a Extremely powerful commercial comparison engine that can process more than ten million transactions per second and is more scalable.

The platform is also integrated with a sensitive modular user interface that will help serve different regions with the option to choose and operate in any language. To this end, the company has hired legal experts to help them work without the threat of being shut down by regulatory bodies.

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