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The cryptocurrencies have marked a new beginning in the social and financial world, it has allowed to demolish barrier and made possible to create a decentralized system, where each one of us is an active part of a blockchain, with these benefits also have arisen the need to find useful tools and easy for the moment to make the exchanges and to turn the electronic money into fiduciary currency.

OnePageX understands these needs and puts at your service the experience and security with the firm commitment to offer a quality service that lives up to expectations.

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What is OnePageX?

OnePageX simplifies the exchange processes in cryptocurrency, being one of the most innovative exchange houses and with ample experience in exchange matters; with one pagex the process of commerce and conversion is simplified for all users, One pagex does not require registration, it is easy to use through a simple and fast interface.

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How to start using OnePageX?

Users do not require the use of a registry, every time a user requires to use One Pagex in some transactions, their URL is added to a session, simply copy and paste the link back.

OnePageX works through the integration with exchange and search of the best price rates in cryptocurrencies; There are more than 140 cryptocurrencies available, offering all its users a solution to their needs quickly and reliably.

The future of One Pagex with a promising vision

This platform is developed on a simple interface, allowing the free flow of trade between the vast majority of cryptocurrencies.

OnePageX will allow all those users to convert their cryptoactives in a simple way; the initial plans will be made from bitcoin and it is expected that in a short time it will be activated to other currencies.

Steps to use OnePageX

Onepagex offers multiple online transactions from one page, transactions are added in the form of cards allowing the user to quickly access at all times


The following images indicate how the exchange process is executed successfully.

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Freshly created transaction card.

image (2).png

Bitcoin sent, awaiting 2 confirmations.

image (3).png

Exchange is complete! Starting Withdrawal.

image (4).png

Withdrawal Complete! The transaction is done.

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Bob is a busy businessman and also a crypto-enthusiast. His anonymity is important to him, and he is constantly working with various cryptocurrencies. Bob needs an exchange that is anonymous, fast and offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
Bob finds OnePageX! With OnePageX Bob is able to make multiple transactions to all his favorite cryptocurrencies! Not only that, he is able to do this from within a single page.


Mary owns a website that allows users to keep up with the latest cryptocurrency news! The news articles often include descriptions of blockchain projects. When her readers find a particular project interesting, they want to buy some tokens.
The readers must then navigate off of her page and go onto an exchange, register, show proof of identification, exchange and then withdraw to their private wallet.
This caused Mary to lose a lot of users who would leave the website and forget to come back. This is when Mary found out about OnePageX! She implemented the OneBox widget, and now her users can do everything from the comfort of Mary's website!

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What is onebox?

One box is a widget with a similar function that one pagex, just copy and paste the address of the user and ready quick and easy exchange, the widget allows websites to provide quick and easy to exchange.

Advantages of OnePageX

1- It offers transactions instantly, safely and reliably.

2- Your reduced fee for the cost of comicion only 0.5%

3- Wide variety of management in cryptocurrency, are more than 140 different types.

4- Simple and friendly interface to understand.

5- Multiple anonymous transactions in minutes.

6- Security on the management of your funds, for onepagex your assets is our responsibility, your funds will be safe; In case any situation arises in the middle of the transaction, an administrator will be in charge of reviewing the status and situation of the transaction and will proceed to solve as soon as possible.

7- OnePageX is available for both the pc platform and mobile devices.

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